Koudelka Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Koudelka on her horse somewhere in Wales
Title screen
Koudelka climbs on the monastery wall...
A sinister view from above
One of the rooms
You must move from sqaure to square, like in a turn-based strategy game
Finding an item
On the stairs
Nice lamp
Monster attacks with magic
Top-down view
Sitting at a table with Ogdon and Betsy Hartman
Edward sees something...
Fighting chairs and tables! No kidding! ;D
Koudelka finds a hammer. Quite a weapon, especially when it is a "vital" one: it heals the same amount of HP it takes from the opponent
Koudelka is poisoned, Edward comes to rescue
Outside in the garden
Boss battle
Vast choice of statistics-based magic
The staircase of the house
Formation options
Equipment management
Stats and spells
Examining a puzzle item
Koudelka and Edward find an ally...
Sniper! Get down!
Don't throw up on the carpet!!
This is why you never should open closets in haunted monasteries.
A fight against a ghostly version of our party
Edward+Axe = Enemy no more.
A small moment of faith amidst the horror...
Chatting up with the helpful undead monk
Koudelka just had to find a way to squeeze into a size 4.
Gooey naked chicks! Hell yeah!
The gang prepared for whatever comes their way.
Lavishly decorated room during one of the later stages
Overlooking the fire-embraced monastery...
Golden chapel with a mysterious glow
Koudelka is starting a Geyser spell. Magic effects aren't very impressive graphically, unfortunately
One of the few somewhat-outdoor areas in the game