The Last Blade Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen (Japanese)
Character selection
Versus screen
Using some accurate, Juzoh stomp-damages Keichiro Washizuka with his club-shaking move GouDanShou.
Moriya counterattacks Okina with a sword-slashing move, but the old-timer is about to "parry" it...
Akari trapping Zantetsu through her dropping-bell move Gaiki KiyoHime: he's in a huge big trouble...
Zantetsu hit-attacks Kaede with his Kikou Hou: a short-range energy blast was offensively threw...
Main menu
Shikyoh takes advantage of Amano's open guard and attacks with his chest-bloody move Weasel's Slash.
Shigen counterattacks... and causes some stomp-smashing damage in Yuki through his move Hisui Sai!
Akari punch-attacks Lee trying to hit-stop his flaming-fan move En Sen Shou. And her attempt fails!
Executing his dashing-uppercut move Keima no Taka, Amano tries to hit-stop Shigen's move Byakko So.
Akari wins
Washizuka attempts to use his sword-flashing move Shikku Satsu in Yuki, but she counterattacks him!
During her move HyouKyou, Yuki creates a hit-attacking disc of ice... and she gets to damage Shigen!
Juzoh fails in trying to attack Lee with his grabbing-throwing move Fugaku: it's counterattack time!
Shikyoh fails in his counterattack: then, he's wrapped by Zantetsu's vanishing move Tenma Otoshi...