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    Legend states that all races were born from the 'God Tree'. The 105th race was the dragon; the 106th was human. But when the humans learned to harness the spiritual forces of the dragons and transform themselves into ferocious Dragoons, a terrible war broke out. 10,000 years later a new Dragoon story is about to unfold┬┐

    Dart discovers that his parents have been killed by an evil creature called 'Black Demon'. As he battles against the enemy force of Kongol, a mysterious female named Rose rescues him, and tells him that he has the power to transform into a superior soilder - a Dragoon. And so begins Dart's quest to battle against the evil that has engulfed his hometown.

    This gripping RPG adventure has echoes of the Final Fantasy series. It has a range of polygonal characters and beautifully detailed backdrops with realistic smoke and flame effects. With its epic plot and intriguing characters, you can't fail to be absorbed by this thrilling fantasy.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Dec 07, 2004.