Legend of Mana Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Intro movie starts
A shot of all characters in the game
character selection
Title Screen/Main Menu
game world
Name your character
After selecting your character, choose what weapon you want to start off with.
inside a house
Beginning a new game: Story background.
Meeting a Sproutling.
Ancient Tree: By giving him seeds, he will grow produce for you.
Opened a treasure chest.
Game Map: Place Artifacts down on a glowing spot and it will become a location.
Starting an adventure.
meeting other characters
Map of Domina
What's a Mana game without Mr. Moti?
After each battle, you will be given a breakdown of how much lucre and experience you and your companion earned.
Boss fight
When you complete a mission and tells Lil' Cactus about it, he will wait for you to leave the room then write in his diary about the story you just told him.
Battle alongside Niccolo
End of an adventure
forging a weapon
Talk to Duelle for tips and info on fighting.
Performing a special ability
Fighting another Boss
Every now and then, you will find a wondering monster egg. If you want, you can try to catch it and raise it as a pet
At the Monster Corral, you can see your pets and decide what to do with it.
You can bring a pet along and have them join you in battles. This will help them gain EXP.
Menu: Status Screen
Menu: Event List: Allows you to browse through adventures you've started and completed or given up.
Menu: Here you can assign which button a move or special ability
Menu: Weapons
In your library, you will find a set of encyclopedia that will give you a variety of info.
Encyclopedia: Characters
Encyclopedia: Monster List