LiberoGrande Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen
Game modes
Selecting a player (here, Jordan Krüger AKA Jürgen Klinsmann).
Each country has its own formation, although your player will play either on the right wing or as offensive midfield.
Players entering the field.
Kicking off.
Running with the ball to make some damage.
The extended player selection view with Magellan (Maradona), one of the unlockable players, selected.
Selecting options.
Quite a fit fellow
A well-placed shot
Defending is as much important as attacking.
Controlling only one player allows to surprise defenders by running from their backs.
Game statistics
Player challenges involve trivial drills.
Dribbling cones is one of the player challenges.
Another challenge is shooting at targets.
A less common challenge is throwing a rainbow kick as far away as possible.