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Lucky Luke Credits

36 people (33 developers, 3 thanks)


ProductionLionel Arnaud, Nadège De Bergevin, Edith Protiere
Programmers' ManagerFrédéric Bibet
Engine ProgrammingEric Angelier, Frédéric Bibet, Yannick Geffroy, Lionel Laissus, Christophe Nazaret, Nadim Noureddine
Levels ProgrammingStéphane Abrassart, Alexandre Bacquart, Stéphane Jeannin, Erwan Le Goffic, Hervé Sliwa, Nicolas Troccaz
Sound & Music ProgrammingEmmanuel Régis
Development Support GroupStephane Biron, William Hennebois, Benjamin Legangneux, Hubert Nourigat, Philippe Paquet, Yannick Turbé
Game DesignerRodolphe Furykiewicz
Designer AssistantHervé Sliwa
Graphical ManagerPascal Casolari
Graphics byEtranges Libellules
Music byMax le producteur
Voices byVox Populi
Testing DepartmentStéphane Pradier, Olivier Robin
PublishingPatrick Chouzenoux, Sylvie Combet, Olivier Lachard, Emmanuelle Tahmazian
Thanks toLucky Luke Licensing, Axel Neefs, Mathieu Chaboud

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Credits for this game were contributed by Frederic Bibet (311)