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Mary-Kate and Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall Credits

Dualstar Interactive

Executive ProducersRobert Thorne, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen
Coexecutive ProducerNeil Steinberg
Costume DesignJudy Swartz
Dance ChoreographyDarrin Hensen
Director Production AdministrationJill Zimmerman

n-Space, Inc.

ProducerBob Hichborn
Game DesignerBob Hichborn
Lead ProgrammerSean Purcell
Art DirectorStacy Schulstrom Roth
Senior ProgrammerKathleen Kappers
Programming StaffMark Walters, Kevin C. Hu
Programming SupportJohn M. Meyers
Senior ArtistJamie Gunter-Boulware
Set DesignBrad Acree, Doran Fish, Amy Williams
Character DesignBrad Acree, Doran Fish, Amy Williams
Animation and CinematicsChrista Pace Hixon
Music CompositionGene M. Rozenberg
Sound DesignGene M. Rozenberg
Supervisory Cinematic ArtistW. Randy King
Title CinematicsScott Cook, Christopher Hayes, Josh Oakes
Lead TesterJessica Hicks
Additional TestingThomas J. Sears
Character Voice Supporting CastStephanie Samms (Gypsy), Christa Pace Hixon, Joel Carrol, Amy Williams, Jessica Hicks, Michael Brennan Weiss, Billy Marimon, Ben Meratio Williamson, JP White, Craig Derrick, Shawn Tant
Office ManagerAthena Schuler
Information Technologies ManagerGary Meyers
Executive ProducerLarry Pacey
PresidentErick S. Dyke
Special ThanksDan O'Leary, Darla Hichborn, Heather Hichborn, Jessica Hichborn, John Roth, Monica, Lucas Blunt, Bethany Schulstrom, Brooke Schulstrom, Brianna Schulstrom, Michael Kappers, Lisa, Misty, Phantom, Sophie, Brian Hixon, Howie, Brandon, Jesse Pace, Doug Pace, Miranda Pace, Brad's mom and Susan, Papa, Foofie, Elkie, Angel, Fluffbutt, Mark Rozenberg, Luidmila Rozenberg, Eric Rozenberg, Dara and Family, Hang and Bonzai, Clay Boulware, Chad Boulware, Bonnie Jean Cook, Bradley Cook, Jennifer Cook, Stacey Fish, Richard Fish
Magical Mystery Mall Casting Call WinnersJoseph Hippert, Angelo Terzis

Acclaim Entertainment

V.P External Product DevelopmentBrett Gow
ProducerJames Daly
Associate ProducerEric Hendrickson
QA ManagerBrian Regan
QA SupervisorsMichael Pietrafesa, Matthew Canonico
Senior Lead AnalystsDaren Chencinski, Martin Glantz
Lead AnalystsBill Handworth, Jennifer Simone
Project LeadsD. J. Peluso, Luc Angrand
Associate Project LeadsChristian Johnson, Kimberly Wolowitz
TestersMike Fales, David M. Boyles, James Ackermann, Lee Leuken, David Stein, Joe Carbone, Mike Lynch, Zach Smith, Al Graciani, Brian Geary
Brand Management DirectorEvan Stein
Marketing ManagerChristina Recchio
Digital MediaJack Scalici, Jason Brown
Director of Creative ServicesScott Jenkins
Manual SupportBill Dickson, Carol Caracciolo, Daren Chencinski
PRLaura Heeb Mustard
Project TrackingKathleen Byrne, Bethany Batalla, Nicole D'introno, Greg McGovern
Consumer Service ManagerTara Schiraldi
Game CounselorsWilliam Teel, Brennen Vega, Jack Shen, Andrew Galano
Director of I.S.Joe Caiola
Director of Q.A.Joe Caiola
IS ManagersKevin Denehy, Andrew Fullaytor
IS SupervisorDavid Pollick
Turnover CoordinatorChristopher Maher
Sr. TechniciansLeigh Busch, Andy Basile
TechniciansMike Sterzel, Christopher Coppola
Very Special ThanksSteve Lux, Douglas Yellin, John Paul Carnovale, Jennie Racanelli, Michael Archer, Samantha Lee, Darby Lee

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (580391)