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With 40 maps to complete including the multi-player ones, and six unique masters, this effectively gives you 6 different games of 40 maps each. At 2 hours or more per map, there are at least 60 hours of gameplay in the single player Story mode alone. Add to this the ability to save your armies and play them against up to three friends in a multi-player battle this game has unlimited replayability. The only thing hindering the 'one-more-time' factor is the AI of the enemy, in a word it's stupid. The game is a little too easy, most of the maps I played I had the enemy master surrounded with my army by the 8th or 9th turn, just picking off his summoned creatures to harvest the experience, a difficulty setting would have been nice. With that said, it's rare for me to play a game beyond the time required to review it, I'm still playing MoM and will be for some time.
Actually, that's what this obscure little title is for the most part. A waste of time. Now can someone please explain to me why I feel the urge to seek out the original Sega Genesis version?
Mega Fun (Feb, 1999)
Ich behaupte mal ganz frch, dass au√üer einer neuen Handlung sich gegen√ľber der MD-Version nichts ge√§ndert hat. Die interessante Spielidee bietet leider kaum Abwechslung. Zwar kommen in jedem Level neue Truppen hinzu, doch im Kampf sind nur wenige Unterschiede in deren Aktionen zu vermerken. In grafischer Hinsicht bewegt sich Master of Monsters auf 8-Bit-Niveau. Auch von musikalischer Innovation ist nichts zu sp√ľren. Alles in allem ist dieser Titel ein magerer Abklatsch eines Oldies.
GameSpot (Jul 28, 1998)
Still, MOM has its addictive qualities, and its multiplayer mode offers you the option to square off against three other human opponents with the best monster as the pot (multiplayer with a prize, not bad). There are a few nice minor touches too, such as being able to turn off the time-wasting battle animations (bet you would've liked to have done this to the spell displays in over a dozen RPGs) and a button command to show which monsters you haven't used yet. But when it all comes down to it, let's face it, games are expensive, and you'd be better off saving your money for stronger strategy RPGs such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Dragon Force, or Tactics Ogre.
RPGFan (Dec 24, 2000)
It Reminds Me of Sushi. The kind of sushi that tastes horridly bad except, for that one little piece of fish on the inside that is its only saving grace, all wrapped up in a slimy piece of 16-bit seaweed not fit to digest. While I find it difficult to dislike a strategy RPG, I would have to say MoM wins the title. Even if you're dying for a strategy game and willing to play almost anything, you'll probably want to pass.
IGN (Dec 15, 1998)
Although the graphics have been changed, the game still falls sorely short of 32-bit titles in terms on presentation. Visually it's nothing more to look at than a good Super Nintendo title, the sound effects are dull, and the music is one unimaginative, droning loop, in other words, it's nothing you couldn't get on 16-bit. That's not exactly something you want in a genre populated by the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics and The Unholy War. With superb titles like these on shelves, Master of Monsters just doesn't have what it takes to warrant purchase, and instead serves as a prime example of how not to re-make a 16-bit title when given the chance. Even if you're dying for a new strategy game, you'll want to pass.
Video Games (Oct, 1999)
Furchtbar. Das ist das einzige Wort, das mir nach einigen Spielstunden zu MoM einf√§llt. ich bin ja nicht so der Grafik-Fetischist und nehme gerne eine etwas Pr√§sentation in Kauf, wenn wenigstens das Garneplay √ľberzeugen k√∂nnte. Aber auch in diesem Punkt herrscht un√ľberwindbare Tristesse. Da hol ich doch lieber wieder meinen All-Time-Favoriten Warsong aus dem angestaubten MD-Game-Schrank und schwelge in alten Erinnerungen. So einen miesen Vertreter der RBS hat die PS wahrlich nicht verdient.
PlanetStation (Dec, 1999)
Si hay t√≠tulos a los que no se les suele exigir gran en el apartado t√©cnico son los de estrategia. Mientras su mec√°nica de juego sea atractiva, la adicci√≥n est√° asegurada. Ahora bien, olvidaos de los pol√≠gonos, las 3D y ning√ļn tipo de m√ļsica que no sea una melod√≠a propia de un PT1, ya que el juego de ASCII cuenta con un aspecto visual sonoro realmente pobre. Si a esto le sumamos un desarrollo del juego lento, pesado y poco atractivo capaz de desesperar al m√°s fan√°tico, Master of Monsters es un titulo que sol√≥ podr√°n "disfrutar" los nost√°lgicos de los 16 bits con mucha fuerza de voluntad.

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