MDK PSX version cheat codesContributed by Jonah Buglee (9) on Apr 29, 2002.


Weapon Cheats, Level Select Enter the following codes while the game is paused:

World's Most Interesting Bomb: Press Down, Right, p, p, Left, Left, Up, l, g.

Thumper Weapon: Press Down, Up, Left, Left, g, Up, Right, Down.

Twister Weapon: Press Down, L1, l, g, Right, Up, u.

Hand Grenade: Press g, p, l, l, L1, Right.

Bones Airstrike: Press Down, Up, p, Down, Up, Down, L1.

Super Chain Gun: Press Left, L1, Down, l, g, Up, Down.

Sniper Grenade: Press Up, l, L1, Left, p, g, l.

Mortar: Press Left, L1, g, l, Right, p, Left, Left.

Level Select At the title screen, press Left, Cir, Tri, Up, Square to make a level-select option appear.

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