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Metal Slug X Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen (Japanese)
Menu screen
Character selection
The first mission.
After you rescue a hostage, he gives you a reward.
The Arabian civilians run scared after you shoot.
Shooting a helicopter.
A new weapon appears in this game.
Is the enemy chaser, similar to rocket launcher but it chases the enemy.
The castle made ruins.
Camel vs. camel.
Rumi Aikawa rewards you after you've saved her.
The tank shooting down helicopters.
After the mission, here's the stats of the hostages you've rescued.
Shooting with the laser gun the TNT barrel.
Inside the mine, the workers are digging for you.
What's going on in this mine?
A mummy!
This potion is useful when you are a mummy to become human again.
Blowing up mummies with the shotgun.
Mummies spitting insects inside the tomb.
This the most precious diamond I've never seen!
Marco has in his backpack a surprise glove to hit mummies.
Deserting the mission soon?
Better luck next time soldier.
If you go further, the mission select screen lets you can start from the beginning or from the last mission so far.
Combat school mode: in this mode, you can test your fighting skills.
Art Gallery mode: In this mode, you can see the original game concept art and listen the game soundtrack.