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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Overall User Score (16 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Micro Machines V3 is everything that we could have hoped for, and much more, and will surely prove to be the best multi-player game available on any format. The long delay has allowed the developers to provide a treasure that you will hold in your collection for many years. Go out and buy this game now and if your store is sold out, then order it, and if the list is too long then nick your mates copy.
If racing around imaginatively designed courses in an impressive range of all-terrain vehicles is your thang, then pass up this chance at your own peril. Highly recommended.
Mega Fun (Mar, 1997)
Ich mache kein Geheimnis daraus, daß ich Rasereien in der Vogel-Perspektive schon immer geliebt habe. Micro Machines ist dabei das mit Abstand beste Produkt seiner Zunft. Umso erfreulicher ist es darum, daß die V3-Version, alle bisherigen MM-Varianten ganz klar in den Schatten stellt. Codemasters hat es in den zwei Jahren Entwicklungsarbeit nicht nur geschafft die Optik völlig umzukrempeln, sondern auch das bekannt-geniale Spielgefühl beizubehalten, bzw. sogar zu verbessern. (...) Die wahre Stärke von MM V3 ist jedoch zweifelsohne die Multispieler-Option. Spätestens mit drei weiteren Mitspielern ist der Spielspaß (Schadenfreude?!) kaum noch zu toppen und durchzockte Nächte nahezu vorprogrammiert. Deshalb sollte dieser Silberling auch in keiner Sammlung fehlen.
Micro Machines V3 is the best game we've played in many a long day, and one that we've now played for many more, even longer, days. We suggest you do the same.
Coming Soon Magazine (Apr 16, 1997)
With Vivid graphics, Violent weapons, and swift Velocity, Micro Machines V3 has everything you could desire in a racing game. It's a complete racing simulation in a fully 3D environment where up to eight players can compete simultaneously.
IGN (Jan 09, 1998)
MMV3 is truly fabulous. Most players will pass it by because it just doesn't look that great and -- let's face it -- the premise of racing little toy cars around a breakfast table just doesn't sound as exciting as something as WipeOut XL or F1. But those buy this will be rewarded with one of the most fun and addictive multiplayer games yet seen on PSX.
Edge (Mar, 1997)
In retrospect, the Micro Machines series almost seemed to mock the 16bit systems it dominated. Tiny vehicles, simplistic circuits and “O”-level-Art-standard characterisation added up to an atmosphere that could best be described as cheap and cheerful.
PSX Extreme (Feb, 1998)
Micro Machines is an entertaining change of pace, but the long term replay value just isn't there to keep most gamers playing for more than a couple of hours. While the game does offer up nice sound effects, power-ups and plenty of play options, there just isn't enough here to make it much more than an occasional party game with a few of your friends.
Video Games (Mar, 1997)
Den Ein-Spieler-Modus habe ich eigentlich nur benutzt, um mich mit den Kursen vertraut zu machen, denn gegen den Computer wird die Raserei doch schnell langweilig und die Zeitfahr-Option mit Ghostcar hält Euch auch nicht lange bei der Stange. Wer allerdings einmal eine ganze Nacht mit Kumpels durch gezockt hat, weiß, wo die Stärken von Micro Machines V3 liegen. MM V3 ist definitiv das beste Multiplayer-Game für PSX, Bier und Chips gebunkert und los gehts.
Game Revolution (Jun 04, 2004)
In all, MMV3 offers a nice diversion with a unique take on racing games. The problem areas aren't huge, and the extensive multi-player options will please many gamers.
GameSpot (Jan 14, 1998)
This isn't the only wart Micro Machines has either. The main problem is that the quick and feeble charm it possesses wears off fast, and all the courses, options, and vehicles in the world (even this little tiny one) can't make up for the fact that the gameplay becomes incredibly monotonous almost immediately. All in all, Micro Machines V3 is a nice diversion from the first- or third-person racers that seem to crowd the field these days. But its repetitive gameplay and lack of a strong multiplayer mode make it only a brief detour. Rental brief, I'm afraid.
The Video Game Critic (Feb 08, 2015)
The camera is pulled in way too tight and the action is so fast you can't make turns even when you know they're coming. It's also really hard to tell what place you're currently in. The graphics are substandard, with pixelated polygons, chunky textures, and ugly seams. The controls are digital only (no analog stick support). Your best option is the single-player mode, which offers a decent viewing angle and short challenging races of increasing difficulty. That's fine, but Micro Machines is built on multiplayer fun, something V3 is sorely lacking.