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    35 Wins, 31 knockouts. WBO Featherweight World Champion, former undefeated IBF and WBC Featherweight Champion of the World, and former undefeated WBC International Super-Bantamweight Champion. It's a pretty impressive record for anybody let alone a 26 year old, and quite a challenge for designers to come up with a game to match. No problem for the boys and girls at Codemasters though as yet again they come up trumps.

    Prince Naseem Boxing is a game that rewards forethought and consideration in punches that are thrown, rather than random button bashing, so a trip to the gym should be in order. Naz's gym will provide potential pugilists with all the skills they need in movement, punches, dodging and blocking, before moving on to one of the main events.

    There are 3 modes to choose from - Showcase, Versus and World. The first allows you to slug it out with up to 8 of your friends (or enemies!) with a choice of 106 international boxers. You have to win in order to unlock the next fight. The Versus mode is similar but has a unique Winner-Stays-On feature just so you can prove you really are the best. Finally, you get to personally choose and manage 1 of 90 boxers in the World mode. From training and diet to his contests you'll have your hands full leading your challenger through the gym and challenge, stats and control sections to achieve a title.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Aug 14, 2005.