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Monkey Hero Credits

126 people (72 developers, 54 thanks)


Lead DesignerJay Minn
Creative DirectorJeronimo Barrera
Technical DirectorGreg Marquez
Lead ProgrammerBrian Brandt, Lloyd Pique
AI ProgrammerPeter Choi
Art DirectorPaul Culp
Lead ArtistPaul Culp
3D ModelingBrand Inman
AnimationBrand Inman
Lead Character AnimatorDavid Davenport
ProducerMatthew Seymour
Assistant ProducerLee Christina Bloch
LayoutAdam Sevillia
DialogueAdam Sevillia
MusicEd Goldfarb
Sound EffectsPhilip Perkins (C.A.S.)
StoryboardsVincent Castillo, Carlos J. Guzman
Graphic DesignChristina Rannacher
Super Way Helpful GuyErin McCoin (ABC)
Character ModelsLunarfish Catcus
Additional ProgrammingDedan Anderson, Kevin Shapiro, Chris Marstall, Michelle Montgomery, Arun Ramagopal
Additional DesignJ. Epps, Eric Simonich, John Dumala
Additional ArtDarren Bartlett, Sean Eckols, Robert Holm, Stacy Rhodes, Daniel Seiberling, Craig Schiller, Jin Choi
Craft ServicesMick's Lounge, Tim, Sub, Fog, Tom, Dan, Tim T, Steve, Mark, Max, Gus, Lee, Nicky
Special Thanks toCharles Rotter (Blastorama), Barry Reder, Dean Gloster, Shelley Alpert, James Coliz, Ali Candy, Brent Alexander, Don Traeger, Michael Suarez, Nicholas Weigel, Tim LeTourneau, Christine McGavran, Colin McLaughlan, Sarah Smith, Elizabeth Schimel, Gary Dale, David Strempel, Tracy Mortimer, Tucker Cameron Promotions, Tony Truong, Mark Eichstaedt (& sons), Lorraine, Caroline Esmurdoc, Sheri Marquez, Rebekah Marquez, Gnocci with Pesto Sauce, Pete's family and wife Jessica, Elisa, Benjamin & Sam, John, Paul, George, Ringo, Kevvy Baby, Brand's family & Suzy B, Jay's family and Jan W, Justin Norr, Noah Hughes, Shigeru Miyamoto, Rocky Sebastian, Tony Giovannini, Billy Davis Jr., Robert Gooch, and of course
Inspired fromMonkey, Folk Novel of China by, Wu Cheng'en

Take 2 Interactive

Executive ProducerSam Houser
Technical DirectorGary J. Foreman
Creative DirectorJeronimo Barrera
ProducerLucien King
Associate ProducersMichael Wenn, Lee Brown
Product ManagersRick Mehler (North America), Matt Gorman (Europe)
Manual / Packaging LayoutElaine Yip
QA ManagerClaire Cuthill
QA DepartmentKen Jordan, Ronnie Jackson, Darren Lloyd (Dazzler), Nick Sneddon, Charlie Johnstone, Patrick Chan-Kane, Gary Sims, Adam Rabin, Martin, Chris Lacey, Eddie Haydon, Greg Matthews, Sajjad Majid
Special ThanksAll at BMG Interactive [r.i.p.], All at SCEA and SCEE, Ali Candy, Dan Houser, Jamie King, Michael Suarez, Terry Donovan, Kevin Brannan, Jennifer Kolbe, Gavin White, David Silviera, Rupee the Monkey

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (251014)