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Moon: Remix RPG Adventure Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
When the hero begins to play the "Fake" Moon RPG, it is displayed as a real game inside a TV, including even a Love-de-Lic logo screen...
...a convoluted, impossibly long text intro...
...and a retro-style title screen! What can I say?.. This game is brilliant!
The "Fake" Moon RPG features stereotypical conversations...
...and hilarious battles that parody the RPG cliches we RPG fans know too well!
The "Real" Moon is another story, indeed. The hero is just a tired guy everyone are scared of...
The boy sees a dream; this is his guidance for the future: LOVE is the key!..
Granny's hut
The colorful map of the Moon world
Status screen. Note the "Love level" to the upper right!
Florist. The locations in Moon are beautifully crafted and stylish
Inventory screen
The game is full of hilarious characters!
Items shop. You can buy the bone for Granny's dog
Town at night. Shops are closed. Looks like you forgot to buy bread - maybe you could try again tomorrow?..