Written by  :  Stillman (7619)
Written on  :  Apr 21, 2004
Platform  :  PlayStation

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Tiny, Tiny, Tiny

The Good

A true classic Playstation game. If you ever play Motor Toon GP the music will stay with you forever. The driving physics of the cars were truely great for its time. The variety of tracks are very unique ranging from a typical track to a kids room to a haunted castle. What sets it apart from your typical racing game is its very distinct cartoon feel. Everything in the game is animated like a cartoon right down to the cars twisting and deforming when they go around corners like you would see in a cartoon. You collect coins by driving over them on the track and when you have enough coins you can "spend" them for power ups in which you spin a wheel and try to stop the wheel on the power up you want. Power ups are great ranging from bombs that blow other cars up in the air to small and large "candy canes" which either make your car large or small in which the announcer says either "Big, Big, Big or Tiny, Tiny, Tiny. Motor Toon GP had all types of extras from wallpaper you could change for the static screens to hidden characters and hidden cars. It even had hidden games like a tank game!! If you ever get the chance to play this game I highly recommend it even if you don't care for racing games.

The Bad

This was one of the first games to take advantage of the link cable for the Playstation so the game has no true 2 player capabilities. You have to have 2 Playstations with 2 games and 2 t.v.s to play the two player game.

The Bottom Line

A true racing game at its heart with funny cartoon battle undertones. Race either championship mode, single race, time attack or free run with the ability to record your race and play it back later in the replay theater. Each vehicle has its own personality with a matching character driver. Choose from a cartoon car ( a-la Roger Rabbit) to a motorcycle to a train to a space ship that floats slightly off the track. Race championship mode with each character and win to see a different ending cinematic each time.