Myst Credits


DevelopersRand Miller, Robyn Miller
Graphics and AnimationRobyn Miller, Chuck Carter
ProgrammingRand Miller, Richard A. Watson
SoundChristopher Brandkamp
MusicRobyn Miller
Video and Movie EdittingRobyn Miller, Rand Miller
ProducerLaurie Strand
Assistant Product ManagerMatt O'Hara
Senior Marketing ManagerBruce Friedricks
Coordination MarketingMaia Stangeland
Supervisor TestersJohn Crowell
ManualRand Miller, Laurie Strand, Matt O'Hara
Thanks ToJohn Baker, Douglas C. Carlston, Stew Apelzin, Lance Groody, Grace Kim, Tom Rettig, Shannon Ward, Scott Aronian, Tony Fardella, Wendy Johnson, Kathleen Burke, Jessica Switzer, Nancy Bulette, David Kessler, Kenneth Goldstein, Craig Fryar, the Myst Focus Group testers, the Brøderbund QA Department


The PlayStation Version was developed byVisual Sciences
ProgrammingRussell Kay, Gareth Ashe, Brian Marshall
Moral SupportDavid Cowan, Richard Swinfen
ProducersBill Allen, Richard Biltcliffe
Product ManagerSue Campbell (United Kingdom), Caroline Dupuy (France), Clemens Wangerin (Germany)
PRJane Hickey (United Kingdom), Catherine Jaymond (France), Ingo Zaborowski (Germany)
Territories Liaison ManagerCarolyn Seager
Supervisor Quality ControlEdward Hay, Mark O'Connor, David Parkinson, Brian Walsh
Manual and Packaging DesignAnthony Roberts
Manual EditorDamon Fairclough
Translation CoordinatorSabine Humeau
French TranslationDominique Friedman

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Credits for this game were contributed by PolloDiablo (16897)