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PSX Extreme (Feb, 1998)
Ultimately, however, Nagano contains the same addictive gameplay elements as Konami's first effort but, due to some control and selection issues, doesn't bring home the Gold.
Game Revolution (Feb, 1998)
Otherwise, Nagano '98 is a fine souvenir of the Winter Olympics and easily the best game in terms of graphics and realism that has been done for that genre. It lacks a few things, and is overly simplistic at parts, sometimes even lowering itself to the level of gimmickry, but still comes through. The game is a lot of fun, for either one player or many. If Konami can do something similar with the Sydney Summer Games in 2000, we may see an EA Sports type monopoly in the works.
Mega Score (Apr, 1998)
Na PSX, o comportamento gráfico segue os mesmos parâmetros: bonito nos cenários e pista, mas a noção de velocidade é demasiado a vapor para cumprir com o efeito de deslizar e o contorno dos bonecos perturba a fluidez dos movimentos.
Video Games (Jan, 1998)
Wann hat es das zuletzt gegeben? Konami hat sich auf die erfolgsträchtige Olympia-Lizenz gestürzt, ohne sich große Gedanken über ein motivierendes Gameplay zu machen. Die Entwickler haben gerade mal das Nötigste implementiert, jegliche weiteren Innovationen sind beim olympischem Feuer entflammen sichtlich im Pulver-Schnee verdampft. Das größte Manko der meisten Disziplinen ist, daß sie sich steuertechnisch nur unwesentlich voneinander unterscheiden und der Spieler förmlich in eine interaktive Monotonie verfallt.
The Alpine events seem to have been included purely for a sudden burst of adrenaline but because the speed doesn't pick up pace until the final straight it will have to be a very quick thrill. The courses lack any true challenge and result in an experience as boring as.... watching downhill racing, I suppose. Thankfully it's all over in a couple of minutes. These type of games are all about getting your mates together and going head-to-head but the lack of split-screen mode renders your Multi-tap to being as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
Mega Fun (Feb, 1998)
Sorry Konami, so nicht! Schaut Euch doch mal Segas Konkurrenzprodukt Winter Heat an, so wird das gemacht. Die Grafik und der Sound von Nagano sind zwar nicht spektakulär, jedoch sind sie nicht alleine für die mittelmäßige Wertung verantwortlich. Für Punktabzug sorgt auch die schlecht gemachte Steuerung der meisten Disziplinen, die Funktion vieler Tasten bleibt undurchschaubar. Auch die große Zahl der Sportarten rettet Nagano nicht vor dem Sturz ins Mittelfeld, schließlich unterscheiden sich vor allem die Skidisziplinen kaum voneinander, und auch beim Eisschnellauf bleibt die Innovation auf der Strecke. Fazit: Schon nach kurzer Zeit kann Nagano nicht mehr wirklich motivieren, daher rate ich vom Kauf ab.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 15, 1999)
The most oddball event here is curling (similar to bowling), but it's strategic quality provides a nice change of pace. I love the variety and winter scenery, but Nagano plods along too slowly and lacks the excitement of International Track and Field.
GameSpot (Jun 16, 1998)
Ultimately, Nagano Winter Olympics '98 feels unfinished. Though the controls are different for each competition, and different engines are employed throughout, the same lackluster 16-bit-looking graphics plague the whole lot of 'em with a distinct fuzziness and lack of detail. Athletes are choppy, and views change with all the smoothness of a Dexedrine-addicted gaffer filling in for the lead cameraman on his first day on the job. Even if you actually liked this game, replay value would be almost nil, since each race offers a whopping one track. That shouldn't be a problem, however, since the initial exposure should fend off 95 percent of gamers within the first ten minutes.
IGN (Jan 30, 1998)
Overall, the game is challenging. Qualifying in each event takes a lot of time and patience, but due to the fact that the game is generally so shoddy and the fact that the bulk of the action is choppy and slow, you just don't feel compelled to keep playing. If you want a multi-event sports simulation that's fun, check out International Track and Field, the game that Konami released to coincide with the Atlanta '96 Olympics. It might be 18 months older than this, but it's far more playable and looks miles better than this shambling disappointment.