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NASCAR Racing Credits (56 people)

NASCAR Racing from Papyrus Design Group

Developed byPapyrus Design Group Inc
Published bySierra Online Inc.

Development Team

ProducerJ. R. Surprenant
Technical LeadJim Sokoloff
Graphics ProgrammingDouglas Muir
Additional ProgrammingDouglas Muir, John W. Scott, Jim Sokoloff
Art DirectorSandro Carella
3D Art ManagerDan Walles
3D ArtistsTong Chen, Yoosun Cho, Morgan Hastings, Duncan Hsu, Joseph Knight, Dan Lotrea, Boris Menkov, Zachary Morong, Dan Roeger, Roger Seto, Vladimir Starzhevsky
2D ArtistsJoel Boucquemont, Lou Catanzaro, Tom Faiano, David D. Flamburis, Brian C. Mahony, Bryan K. Shutt, Julie Sparks
Director of LicensingAnn-Marie Gianantoni
LicensingJoanna Gardy, Ann-Marie Gianantoni, Priscilla Kilbride Walden
Quality AssuranceJoe Codi, Andre Sarkic, Jane C. Sieczkiewicz, Jonathan Valvano
DocumentationRalph A. Barbagallo III
Sound EffectsWallace Music and Sound Inc., Dennis M. Miller
CD MusicBruce Bennett, Krystal Rose Music Inc., All Rights Reserved 1996
Special ThanksFirst and foremost, to all of our significant others for their patience, love, and understanding of the long and sometimes strange work schedule of software developers., We promise we'll be home more often [until next project], Meep., A product like this requires a great deal of technical information., Thanks to NASCAR and to the teams and team members who took the time to answer our questions about the sport, technical or not., It would not be possible to mention everyone by name without [inadvertently] leaving someone out, but certain people are due special mention., Gary Nelson, Bobby Labonte, have been very helpful., Hi and thanks to, Mike Cluka, and Donlavey Racing for their hospitality an NHIS.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (237908)