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NBA Live 96 Credits (PlayStation)

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NBA Live 96 Credits


Lead ArtistSheila Nash
Front End Design and LayoutGregory Allen
Virtual Stadium ModellerDaryl Anselmo
Intro and Victory MoviesDavid Laviolette
Virtual Stadium Texture ArtistCasey O'Brien, Ken Thurston
Front End DesignSebastiaan Reinarz
Art FirefighterMike S. Smith
Lead AnimatorMichael Vanaselja
Additonal ArtThomas Graham, Cindy Green, Darrell Olthuis, Tom Papadatos, Laura Luris
Lead ProgrammerAllan Johanson
ProgrammingDominick Humphrey, Mike Kiernan, Daniel Ng, Rod Reddekopp, J. Daniel Scott, Robert White, Amory Wong
Music Composition Traz Damji
Music ArrangementTraz Damji
Music PerformanceTraz Damji
In Game Sound FXTraz Damji
Original Crowd SFXJeff van Dyck
Audio Tool SupportIain Macanulty
Audio ProducerSteve Royea
Audio EngineerSteve Royea
Movie CompressionRichard Mul
Additional MusiciansTanya Hancheroff (Vocals), Saki Kaskamanidis (Guitar), Vincent Mai (Trumpet)
Develepment DirectorIvan Allan
ProducerStanley Chow
Executive ProducerSam Nelson
Associate ProducerTarrnie Williams
DesignTarrnie Williams
Production AssistantRenata Antonic
Additional DesignMichael Klassen, Dave Warfield
Roster ConsultantTed Murray
Product ManagerGlenn Chin
DocumentationDavid C. Lee
Documentation LayoutTom Peters
Package DesignJennie Maruyama
Package Art DirectionNancy Waisanen
Quality Assurance LeadShyang Kong
Quality Assurance Backup LeadGeoff Ball, Brent Nielson
QA Project CoordinatorSteve Livaja
QA TestersGraham Acton, Eric Bertram, Peter Dodson, Glenn Grant, Josh Holmes, Hubert King, Timothy Lewinson, Brent Olthuis, Darcy Pajak, Edwin Singh, Gordon Thornton
San Mateo Quality AssuranceJeff Juco (Scorelord), Kirk Scott (Krazy Game), Bobby Lew, Barry Dorf (Clutch)
Special thanksFrank Barchard, Steve Gray, Erik T. Kiss, John Rix, Gerry Shaw, Khai Toh

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Credits for this game were contributed by Alaka (60181)