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NBA ShootOut '97 Reviews (PlayStation)

Kids to Adults
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Total NBA' 97 is precisely what its name suggests, the total package. It is an achievement of gargantuan proportions, and one which is virtually fault-free.
IGN (Mar 18, 1997)
Overall, Shoot Out '97 looks better and plays as good as In the Zone 2 and has as many options as NBA Live '97. This title has surpassed the rest and sets the new standard for basketball games.
Edge (Apr, 1997)
Total NBA '96 was the first PlayStation game to come out of Sony's London office, and it remains a benchmark simulation, combining fabulous visuals with honest sporting endeavour. In short, it was a game that "worked", something that took the genre to greater heights. This sequel smoothes out the edges of its predecessor and includes revamped graphics and all-new motion-captured animation (courtesy of NBA pro Latrell Sprewell). Player movement is incredibly slick, while the photorealistic faces that now adorn the players add even more to the atmosphere.
Entertainment Weekly (May 02, 1997)
And each is armed with a repertoire of swanky slam dunks, dribbles, and dashes to the basket. Both games stumble in the same areas: sketchy foul calling and cyber opponents who, no matter what their team affiliation, shoot with unfair, superhuman accuracy, even by Jordan standards. Give the edge to Shootout for its faster-paced gameplay, superior user-friendly controls, and a wonderfully zealous announcer who out-whoops even Marv Albert.
The Video Game Critic (May 10, 2005)
For the hardcore player, the deep season mode that allows you to trade, release, sign free agents, and even create players. When playing as the Bulls, Dennis Rodman sports his colorful hair, and one particular guard -- that number 99 -- is really, really good. Shootout's biggest letdown has got to be the cheerleader half-time show. This time the girls look blurry and distorted, and that's a shame. Despite a few reservations, NBA Shootout 97 is a well constructed sequel.
Game Revolution (Mar, 1997)
The only really annoying thing is the extensive loading time it takes just to cycle through the teams, and to access any other part of the game. This has got to be taken care of next time around. All in all, the features are very adequate (hope I didn't scare you), and when you consider the jump from last year, phenomenal.
Where does this game rank in the greater scheme of things, I think it ranks below Live, and ITZ2. If you are a hoops enthusiast, then you probably already have it.
Video Games (Feb, 1997)
Wie alle anderen Konkurenzfirmen, die momentan gerade ihre 97er Basketball-Fortsetzungen an den Mann zu bringen versuchen, hat auch Sony genau an den Stellen nachgebessert, wo die Spiele der Mitbewerber Options- bzw. Grafik-technisch überlegen zu sein schienen. Nun glänzt auch bei Total NBA das Parkett völlig wahnsinnig, Ihr könnt eigene Spieler kreieren und so ziemlich jedes nur denkbare Feature an- und ausschalten (wie z.B. ein Hilfemenü, das während des Spiels eingeblendet bleibt). Trotz der technisch brillant umgestzten Motion-Capture-Animationen wirken die robotermäßigen Sprungwürfe und optimalen Flugkurven der Bälle auf mich etwas zu künstlich. Dennoch muß man Sonys In-House-Team zum gelungenen Sequel gratulieren. Spielerisch bewegen sich alle auf dem Markt befindlichen B-Ball-Spiele auf sehr hohem Niveau. Nur Konamis “In The Zone 2“ gefällt mir noch einen Tick besser, da es noch näher an die Realität heranreicht.
GameSpot (Mar 18, 1997)
Despite its small shortcomings, Sony's new basketball game does a commendable job of striking a balance between the realistic and arcade elements that make basketball games fun. The only gamers who might be dissatisfied with Shoot Out are those die-hard hoopsters who appreciate the Xs and Os of the game more than they do slam-dunking in their opponent's face. And even those clipboard toters will probably find a lot to like in this excellent basketball game.
Mega Fun (Mar, 1997)
Es liegt sicherlich auch an der Klasse von NBA In the Zone 2, daß mich Sonys neueste Basketball-Simulation insgesamt eher enttäuscht hat. Dabei hinterließ die Grafik zunächst einen guten Eindruck. Die neuen Texturen stehen den NBA-Sportlern nämlich hervorragend. Schade ist allerdings, daß Ihr bei der günstigsten Kamera-Perspektive davon nicht allzu viel mitkriegt. Außerdem bietet Konamis Konkurrenzprodukt eindeutig die besseren und variableren Motion Capture-Animationen. Soundtechnisch schlägt sich die CD-ROM wacker. Vor allem die ultra-realistischen Dribbelgeräusche gefallen, wobei ich die dezenten Hip Hop-Rhythmen des Originals hingegen schmerzlich vermisse. Hauptmanko ist aber die mit einigen Fehlern behaftete Spielbarkeit. In der Defensive müßt Ihr im Prinzip auf Gott vertrauen, da man mit der Steal-Funktion dem Gegner nur schwerlich den Ball abjagen kann. In der Offensive funktioniert hingegen Trick 17 bei 90% aller Angriffe.