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Gamezilla (Apr 17, 2000)
This is a fun game but it has its faults. They really need to improve the graphics so that you can better see who has the ball and improve the gameplay to where not all the games are decided by the last 15 seconds. I’d recommend renting it first and then if you still like it, make the purchase.
Video Games (Mar, 2000)
Ganz klarer Fall. Wer im Besitz eines DC ist, der sollte sich auf alle Fälle die Sega-Version zulegen. Denn diese kommt dem Arcade-Version deutlich näher. Doch auch die PS-Version hat ihren Reiz, auch wenn man auf keinen Fall große Spieltiefe oder gar Simulationsaspekte erwarten darf. Doch mit mehreren Kumpeln, die am besten nicht die Geduld haben, sich mit komplizierten Tastenbelegungen auseinander zu setzen, kann durchaus Spaß aufkommen.
IGN (Dec 16, 1999)
It's still the cheap, foul-heavy play that always manifested in NBA Jam and NBA Hangtime, but there's a certain skill to fouling and stealing, and you can get quite good at the simple basics of good defense and solid passing and still win a game. But you can't rely only on that. You need to have the cheap, scrappy defense and the high-flying slamalicious TV play that gets the crowd going wild. My only last complaint is that keeping an "on-fire" streak alive is super hard. It only lasts a turn or so before it goes away.
GameSpot (Nov 19, 1999)
It's not perfect, but NBA Showtime is still a fun four-player game, and it's worlds better than any other arcade basketball game on the PlayStation. Give it a three-day rental and see if you're left hungry for more.
NowGamer (Jan 01, 2000)
Of course, if you liked the NBA Jam games, or enjoy all things basketball in general, then there is fun to be had, just not in an original sense. This has all been done before, and better, and unless you have the anticipation skills of an aging Vegas card shark then you’ll never be able to steal the ball off the opposition, meaning that the matches consist almost entirely of end to end scoring in turn. It is big on action though, and some of the dunks are hugely entertaining, at least they are the first few times you see them.
60 (Jun 06, 2000)
Même si ce NBA Showtime s’avère un peu superficiel dans son gameplay, par un manque de profondeur de jeu assez flagrant, on prend toutefois du bon temps à éxécuter les mouvements les plus difficiles et impressionnants du basket. Et le mode quatre joueurs est toujours le bienvenu ! Mais ce titre ne vous tiendra probablement pas bien longtemps en haleine.
Mega Fun (Apr, 2000)
Zu Anfang wacht NBA Showtime wegen der spektakulären Bewegungen und der emotionalen englischen Sprachausgabe noch Spaß, allerdings nach nur wenigen Stunden Spielzeit hat man alles gesehen (und gehört) und es wird langweilig. Grafisch ist diese Arcade-Umsetzung recht schwach. Die Animationen wirken teilweise abgehackt und die Wiedererkennung der NBA-Stars ist nahezu null. Unterm Strich bleibt ein kurzer Spaß für eingefleischte NBA-Fans.
With the glut of sports games out for all the systems these days, you have to do something pretty spectacular to get noticed, and putting Shaq on the cover of your box just doesn't cut it. NBA on NBC not only doesn't qualify as a basic upgrade of NBA Jam, by all accounts it's a game that takes two steps back, launches one form beyond the arc and throws up an air-ball.
Midway may have succeeded in scaling down the American football to a seven-a-side laugh-a-thon, but they have failed with basketball. This is Puma Street Soccer for basketball fans.
Game Revolution (Jan 01, 2000)
The addition of free-throws keep the game from becoming a shoving match, adding some balance to the multiplayer. The updated rosters and familiarity of the classic Jam mechanics help as well, but the aforementioned flaws of collision detection coupled with the heinous graphical blur really detract from the whole experience. If you're desperate for some Showtime, look elsewhere.