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Gamezilla (Oct 01, 1999)
This is a fun football game and a good buy if you don’t already have one. You might want to rent it first if you’re a Madden fan or own the ‘99 version. The graphics are pretty incredible, the music gets the adrenaline flowing and gameplay is amazing. The only things they could work on a bit more are the AI, the commentary and the field goal/extra point animation.
GameSpot (Aug 13, 1999)
Gameday 2000, while not radically different, is a step up from last year's version. All the new animations, plays, and GM features really make Gameday 2000 the best Gameday yet.
IGN (Aug 23, 1999)
That qualified, GameDay 2000 is a stellar title, with tons of options, modes, animations, plays and fun to be had when playing. It looks great, plays well and is a more than fair representation of US football. The play calling screens could use a facelift, and the penalties could be implemented to help make the experience of playing the game more pleasant and realistic, but when all is said and done, this is one good game of football.
If you’re looking for the hottest football simulator to be released this year, pick up a copy of Madden NFL 2000. If you’re willing to have a bit more of an arcade feel to your football, though, you really can’t go wrong with NFL Gameday 2000. This is doubtlessly the best looking football game on the PSX today, and I would be hard pressed to say there are any titles out there to top it. 989 Sports has shown that they can churn out grade A sports titles year after year without missing a step, and GD2K is a good indication that they’re not slowing down.
If you're not as concerned with realism, then GameDay 2000 will be much more enjoyable to you. No matter how realistic 989 Sports says this game is, the aforementioned gameplay quirks make GameDay 2000 best tailored for a casual football fan. Madden 2000, however, is a much more solid game, and will appease hardcore and casual players alike.
The Video Game Critic (Jan 13, 2001)
The audio is less impressive however. The crowd tends to have an uncoordinated cadence whichh is annoying, and when the home team's quarterback calls for quiet, the stadium turns dead silent! You can hear a pin drop! GameDay 2000 features a lot of nice bells and whistles, like trivia on the load screen and players that shake hands after the game. It has its quirks, but this football game is never boring.
Game Revolution (Sep, 1999)
Players who loved Gameday '99 will like this game as well. It's almost the same game with new options, updated rosters, general manager mode, etc. Gamers who didn't like the past version will want to skip 2000. Sure, there are new features, but the gameplay is essentially the same as last year with a few fixes.

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