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Advertising Blurbs

Sony's website:
    NFL GameDay '97™ from Sony Computer Entertainment America

    The #1 Selling game on PlayStation is back and better than ever!

    NFL GameDay '97's graphics and gameplay are a quantum leap above every other football game ever made.

    The game play and artificial intelligence surpass every football video game ever made. The players on the field think, react and perform just like they do in the real NFL. Just as the pros scout teams and watch films to plan offensive and defensive strategies, the artificial intelligence in NFL GameDay '97 learns your playing tendencies and executes offensive and defensive strategies to stop your game plan dead in its tracks. The result--well, don't think you can run that same play over and over and be successful like in every other football video game out there. You'll need a balanced attack and some on the field skills. You'll be face to face with real defensive coverages including the new "Cover 4" that Dallas made so popular. And with the new LARGER PLAYERS, you'll actually see defensive lineman using swim techniques and stunting, offensive lineman trapping and pulling right before they PANCAKE you. NFL GameDay '97 is made by football fanatics, ex-college football players and current NFL Pro's. That's why it's the best and that's why no other football game can touch it. What about its features? Let's just say it's loaded and believe me, that'll be the last of your worries. If you're not ready to strap it up, don't step onto the field.

    NFL GameDay '97 Features:

  • All 30 NFL Teams including the all new Baltimore Ravens. Over 1,500 NFLPA players including Young, Rice, Aikman, Smith, Favre, Marino, Sanders & Seau.
  • All 30 authentic NFL stadiums beautifully texture mapped in 3-D with the NFL team logos & painted endzones on the real turf!
  • New and completely innovative Total Control Passing™ allows you to lead or underthrow receivers based on the defensive secondary coverage.
  • Motion Captured Animation of Oakland Raider's star receiver Tim Brown.
  • Real Uniforms (both home & away) for all 30 NFL teams with the real numbers on the jerseys!
  • Incredibly fast 30 frames per second game play. 50% faster than last year
  • Double the plays!!! Over 500 NFL plays with new NFL coverages like "Cover 4" & No Huddle Offense.
  • Unparalleled Statistical Tracking covering tons of offensive & defensive categories!
  • Sign free agents, Trade Players or Create Players & put you & your friends in the game!
  • All new "Draft Mode" allows you to pick 7 rounds through the draft.
  • New Unlimited Playing Perspectives – you select the view!
  • GameDay’97 Play Modes: Exhibition, Regular Season, Playoffs & Super Bowl.
  • All new "Advanced" button controls allow you to dive over the pile, shoulder charge and make leaping one-handed grabs.
  • Interactive Sidelines - Reserve players, the “chain gang” & coaches will be knocked over if players get forced out of bounds.
  • 4 Difficulty Levels
  • Revolutionary adjustable game play speed - you select the speed!
  • Incredibly realistic animations - spins, stiff arms, hurdles, diving catches, one handed catches, shoestring tackles, end over end hits, forearm shivers, swim moves and more!
  • Varying weather conditions like snow, wind, rain, night and sunshine.
  • An all New and innovative PA announcer.
  • Substitutions and season long injuries.

    Contributed by jean-louis (37676) on Jul 12, 2015.

Comic book ad:

    This isn't a game, it's a war. So be prepared for battle. Now, enough military analogies, let's talk football. This is NFL GameDay '97. It's better than any football game ever created. The artificial intelligence in this game is unmatched. Players on the field think, react and perform like they do in the NFL. Defenses and offenses learn your tendencies and key on them. In other words, there are no bread and butter plays to go to on third and long. You'll go head-on with real defensive coverages, including nickel and dime packages and Dallas' Cover 4. Defensive fronts attack your offensive line with stunts and swim techniques. And with new, larger players you'll see guards and tackles trapping and pulling. This game is loaded with features, too. This is real football, baby. So welcome to the NFL.

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (61397) on Feb 04, 2013.