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NFL GameDay '97 Credits


Game ProgrammingKelly Walker, Amir Zbeda, Bill Long, Chris Foley
ArtistsHolliday R. Horton, Milo D. Cooper, Frank Tycer, George Rothrock, Kevin McMahon, Adam McMahon, Liam McMahon
Sound EffectsJoe Hight, Rex Baca, Scott McMahon
Executive ProducerChristopher Whaley
Assistant ProducerAndre Leighton
Additional ArtistsTammy DiGiacomo, Lynn Van Dall
PA AnnouncerMichael A. Carlucci
Playbook and AI ConsultantsTim Brown, Steve Bono, Kelly Ryan, Craig D. Ostrander
StatisticsGreg Batalucco
Senior Director, Product MarketingPeter Dille
Product Manager, MarketingCraig D. Ostrander
Assistant Product ManagerAllan Frankel
Lead TestingAlgon Leighton, Bruce Cochrane
Manual and Manual LayoutTimothy S. Flanagan
Special ThanksKelly Flock, Kaz Harai, Jack Tretton, Andrew House, Beth Doherty, Jeffrey Fox, Marilyn Weyant, Howard Liebeskind, P. Kevin Horn, Kim Shanklin, Nemer Velasquez, Jean Galli, Trish Micheli, Susan Nourai Panico, Christy Favrhow, Brian Dimick, Dennis O'Malley, Frank O'Malley, Butch Freedhoff, Richard Freedhoff, Andrew Zaffron, Louie Reyes, Kerry Hopkins, Jeff Hutchinson, Kelly Loyd, Colin MacLean, Terri Rago, Cindy McAndrew, Nicole McGrath, Mark Pentek, Molly Smith, Michelle Vercelli, Ami Matsumura-Blaire, David Bamberger, Donald Vercelli, Gene Goldberg, Monty Amdursky, Clay Walker, Doug Ramsay, Bill Hampton, Beth Tigay, Karen Nulty

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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10541)