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Regional differences

A handful of changes were made between the original Japanese release and subsequent English releases:
  • In the second stage (the convenience store), all of the obstacles are actual snack food packages. In the English version, the Ritz Cracker boxes were changed to say NOTAM.
  • In the third stage (the house), one of the trick tiles causes the daughter to lose some of her clothing, catching the attention of a nearby teddy bear. Originally, the bear gets a nosebleed and passes out. The English version loses the nosebleed and the teddy bear simply falls over, though the full sequence can still be seen in reverse if a reset tile is triggered after this trick tile goes off.
  • The ending credits originally featured a series of photos of Domino-kun toys wandering around a Japanese city. These were replaced by a simple credit crawl.
  • The demo sequence and end credits originally featured the J-pop song KICK ga Kanjin by the band Funny Gene. The English version replaces it in the demo sequence with the normal stage music, and in the end credits with an original song by Ryuji Nishida not found in the original Japanese version.

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