Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu
Humorous loading screen
Atmospheric intro animation: the view of Rapture Farms...
...and of the poor, helpless Mudokons working there
The game's starting location. Electronic advises float above. Abe makes a comical gesture with possible Jewish influences
The game's entire first area is the grim, totalitarian factory. Abe is trying to run past all these slogans
The second chapter deals with escaping the factory through the scrapyard. Security is pretty tight here
Abe finally emerged in the mysterious ancient Mudokon lands
Such tips and stories are encountered pretty often
Emerging in Paramonia - one of the game's biggest areas. Nice weather, birds are singing...
Whoa, dude, sweet ride! This animal is called Elam and has seemingly little to do with the ancient pre-Iranian civilization of the game name
Abe has jumped through the well, possessed the Slig from the background, and I killed the Slog controlling the Slig. Just a regular day in Oddworld
Paramonian Temple hub. You'll have to complete six areas in any order
The Paramonian temple areas have nests made by Paramites, spider-dog-like creatures. Here, Abe is practicing throwing pieces of meat
Up close and personal with a Paramite. Nearby is a lever - one of the many you'll encounter
Bells, bombs, doors, images, and Abe rolling around
This looks like more classical platforming gameplay, don't you think?
Paramonian Nests - a short, yet very tough area, where everyone are presented by silhouettes
You finally reach Scrabania, another very large area somewhat past halfway through the game
If you try to chant with those cameras present, they will zap you!..
On the other hand, chanting in front of bird portals in such quiet areas activates them
You've discovered a secret area in Scrabania and briefly return to the initial factory. Hoisting onto the platform to hide from the guard
Scrabanian temple hub - eight more trials and you are done. No wonder the game's middle part drags so much
Scrabanian temple area - ornaments, levers, and a Scrab all by himself
Now you'll have to deal with floating bombs, too!..
Scrabanian Nests are similar to the Paramonian ones visually, but the gameplay here is much more relaxed
The game's final (and also very long) chapter takes you back towards the initial factory. It's pretty dark here...
...and security has been clearly upgraded!
It's time to dedicate yourself to saving all those Mudokons and possibly achieve a good ending
GameSpeak allows for some fairly complex gameplay. This controls screen is indispensable in case you forget some commands
About to send a fellow Mudokon through a bird portal. Trying not to get zapped by that energy barrier
At least you get some help about those giant bombs
Abe is being brutally devoured by a Slog
This will happen many, many times. You've stepped on a bomb - everything explodes, chunks of pixels are flying around, but this Mudokon miraculously survives...
More cool Slig possession action. Sligs have their own GameSpeak, and you'll have to know what to say to pass this screen!..
Tiptoeing past a sleeping Slog. You've reached the so-called Zulag
Viewing the map - not that helpful, actually
A CG animated cutscene showing the evil Glukkons
The game's final area is plagued by bombs, enemies, and a time limit!..