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Off-World Interceptor Credits (85 people)

Off-World Interceptor Extreme: Sony PlayStation Development Team

ProducersTim Roberts, Bill Mitchell
ProgrammingAdrian Longland, Lloyd Pique, Mei-yu Li, Brian Brandt, Daniel Chan
Additional ArtSteve M. Suhy, Andy Mitchell
Additional SoundsSteven S. Henifin, Susan Michele
Video CompressionDan Brazelton, Leland Susser, Matthew Alexander
Additional Game Design and Level Planning by BlamJay Minn, Jeronimo Barrera
Special Thanks toGreg Marquez (for Technical Assistance)
Test ManagerBen Szymkowiak
Lead TesterGerald Vera
Assistant Lead TesterCaroline Esmurdoc
TestersEdward Chennault, Scott Hill, Billy Mitchell, Lawrence Monji, Alex Ness, Kenny Reeves, Kevin Seiter, Eric Simonich, Jeff Todd, Serguei Savtchenko, Richard D'Aloisio
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw

Live Action Sequences Produced by Robert Weaver Enterprises Inc.

Executive ProducersRobert Weaver, Lynne Weaver
Directed byPhil Scarpaci
Produced byPhil Scarpaci, Rick Weaver
Written byRick Weaver

Off-world Interceptor Development Team

Lead ProgrammerGreg Marquez
ProgrammersLloyd Pique, Brian Brandt, Gary Herman
Lead DesignerJay Minn
DesignersJeronimo Barrera, Noah Hughes
Lead ArtistSuzanne Dougherty
ArtistDavid Pounders
ProducersBill Mitchell, Jon Horsley
Original DesignE. Daniel Arey
Product ManagerJim Curry
Design ConceptE. Daniel Arey, Jon Horsley
Tile ArtMaj Cole, Kevin Miller
Additional ArtJuan Ruiz, Noah Hughes, Andy Mitchell
Additional ProgrammingTroy D. Gillette
Additional DesignE. Daniel Arey, Jeremy Bredow
StoryboardsJuan Ruiz, Andy Mitchell, Vincent Castillo
Music CompositionsBurke Trieschmann
Additional CompositionSteven S. Henifin
Sound EffectsSteven S. Henifin
Manual WriterCarol Ann Hanshaw
Tools DevelopersDavid Kirk, Sean Vikoren, Gary Herman
Test ManagerBen Szymkowiak
Lead Product TesterJoe Ganis
TestersWesley Gittens, Erik Griss, Jarisse Asao, Steve Groll, Tim Jordan, Mike Devincenzi, Egan Hirvela, Gerald Vera, Seth Carus, Mark Ybarra, Richard Niedzwiecki, Dusty Bedford, Phillip Chou, Riley Cooper, Alex Ness, Lawrence Monji, Jeff Todd

Video Unit

Colonel FancyJoel Swetow
HelgaMichael-Anne Poston
Comedy VoiceoverBrian Posehn, Doug Benson
Couch Potato SilhouettesJoe Ganis, Mark Ybarra
Ferro LupusMichael Provenza
Rae GrooshaMira F. Ross
Igor RancidChang F. Fadel
Kreep SanginiSteven S. Henifin
Zipper FalcoMark Wallace
Dr. Hans KliegTed Fitzgerald
WriterRick Weaver
CastingLynne Weaver (as Lynn Weaver), Jennifer Bulka
Directed byPhil Scarpaci
Produced byRobert Weaver
Post-productionDan Brazelton

Crystal Dynamics

Special Thanks toEric Lindstrom, Fred Ford, Sheri Cohen, Caroline Esmurdoc, Bill Willis, Rebekah Ramos, Honey Udarbe, Ken Ford
This project is dedicated toMadeline Canepa, and to the belly dancer inside all of us.
Produced byJon Horsley, Bill Mitchell
Executive ProducerJon Horsley

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (57899) and Alaka (66716)