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Parasite Eve Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Main Title
As Eve (Melissa) started her vocal point, people are set on fire, all except Aya.
Aya, on a chariot with a horse on fire.
Navy strikes were all doomed from the beginning.
Escaping in the nick of time as falling craft hits the hospital roof.
Eve (in Melissa's body), has just stolen the sperm from the hospital in order to give a birth to ultimate being.
Final battle with Eve.
Aya (your character) from the profile. Everything seems to be over, but memories are still present.
Main Menu (EX Game option appears only if you've finished the game, and gives you the chance to play it again with already gained level of experience)
It's advised to search everything 'cos you might find something... like key for example
Just right after the concert, you gotta do the sweep of the theater in order to find some clues.
Melissa's room holds a secret that will unfold her past, and give you a few hints.
Seems like Melissa is actually not a bad girl, it's her mitochondria that went wild over her.
Fighting Eve for second time, but certainly not the last one.
Phones, like this one in a precinct, is always a good place to save your game, as you can never predict the next danger.
Dialogues in PE are sure better than the ones in FF series, not windowed, and always mark who's talking.
Police car with Daniel and Aya inside, racing towards the park.
Your partner, Daniel, must hurry in order to save his son.
Beside they're poisonous, snakes do not present much of a threat. The net you see around Aya shows the current weapon range.
In cases like this, when it's way too close combat, you don't have to think about your weapon range, only how to proper dodge enemy attacks.
In the midst of any battle and/or adventuring, you can call your menu bar and change like weapons, use items or use parasite powers (with time, the menu will increase to more possibilities).
It's good to study your opponent before striking from a far, as it can shot you while you're shooting, and in this case, poison you badly.
Therefore the best elimination method is one by one, and between their firing back atcha.
Sometimes, a darker shadowed background is put behind the text for readability, though I dunno why 'cos this game is pretty dark at any point.
Aya, in a hunt for renegade police shepherd, that is soon to become one of the bosses to fight with. But it's even tougher to catch that guy with all the monsters around, so finding a scientist with a medkit like here is pretty comfortable.
One of the bosses, sure uneasy to fight with, as there are usually multiple targets, but still, not unbeatable.
First meet with Eve
A mutant-rat
Central Park
The bridge to quit Central Park
Eve waiting for Aya
Manhattan in crisis
The dog transformation
A giant spider ? Thanks Eve...
The map
End of first CD
A sort of bonus stage, there nothing here for the story
Why is she so calm ?