Persona Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen
Zhuang Zi, anyone?
The butterfly is cruising over the city...
Mark was white in the Japanese version - the Americans made him black...
Philemon, one of the game's mysterious behind-the-curtain characters
Choosing a name for the hero
A typical 3D dungeon, viewed from first person perspective
City map - top-down perspective
This tree is just a saving point
Sun Mall - a place for shopping and other, more... demonic business
Drugstore. Get your drugs here!.. ... What?.. What did I say?..
This guy is Igor, an omnipresent Persona character in the omnipresent Persona fusion room
Viewing Persona cards
You'll see this (admittedly fairly nice) screen way more than you'd like to
Every self-respecting RPG must have a place to make a quick buck!
Persona equipment options
Regular battle on the world map against diverse demons. Battle menu is displayed
This hospital room looks a bit... disturbing, don't you think?..
Subway dungeon. Details such as those posters aren't very common
The automap is very helpful, indeed
Nate is casting Nuke - a spell that was vastly overpowered in the US version
The hero is choosing abilities of his physical-oriented Persona. The purple dragon and his friends seem unimpressed
Mysterious ruins dungeon
Lost Forest dungeon
You guys, you just need to... chill a bit! Get it?..
Each character has four unique actions available for demon communication
Entrance to a mysterious shrine
High-level dungeon with intricate art
Casting a powerful wind spell on the enemy party
Every Japanese RPG must ponder these questions - and answer them pretty much the same way
Fighting some impressive high-level guys. Checking out the description of their characters
This place is... totally weird, and decidedly my favorite in the game. I want to go there and maybe organize a jam session or something
Brad isn't very bright, and his babbling just irritates this demon more!
This cute dog-like demon is "stupid" - with his merciless sarcasm Nate has made a new naive friend!
Where are the punks? The gangsters? Nobody?..
Factory dungeon
Sometimes, using plain old guns is the best course of action. Especially if you are overpowered like this!