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Point Blank 3 Reviews (PlayStation)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Great variety, somewhat-goofy graphics, and a whole lot of fun makes this one a definite classic shooter. Moo Cow (4) unrated

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Critic Reviews

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GameSpot (May 02, 2001)
For fans of the series, Point Blank 3 is a no-brainer, as it provides more of the same minigames fans have come to expect. The game's quick pace and great multiplayer modes make it an excellent party game. If there's a chink in Point Blank 3's armor, it's that you need Namco's GunCon or a similar third-party light-gun controller to play. Considering the hefty investments that other peripheral-based games like Dance Dance Revolution or Samba De Amigo require, the cost of a light gun is nominal, especially for an enjoyable game like Point Blank 3.
The Video Game Critic (Feb 11, 2003)
One interesting new feature is how your performance is rated based on brainpower, dexterity, judgment, and rhythm at the end of each contest. High scores are saved for each stage, but if you're using the unlimited continues (and you will), the scores don't mean much. There are still an inordinate number of set-up screens. Point Blank 3 delivers plenty of arcade shooting action, but its novelty is wearing thin.
74 (May 03, 2001)
Perfekt, um nach einem stressigen Tag die Aggressionen abzubauen.Kurzweilig und als Party-Game bleibt auch das jüngste Mitglied der Point Blank-Serie erste Wahl. Wer jedoch den tieferen Sinn sucht,der sucht vergeblich.
If you haven't played the first two Point Blank games, you probably won't miss the lack of a sidequest, and will have a blast. I think the different stages in Point Blank 3 are of a better variety and higher quality than those of its predecessors. How can you not love shooting at Klonoa, or playing a game of light gun Galaxian? However, there's no way I can give it a higher score when it's lacking a trademark mode. Despite the omission, I still would recommend Point Blank 3 over any traditional gun game out there (Virtua Cop, House of the Dead, etc.). It's a simple matter of fun factor, in which PB3 stands head and shoulders above any of those games. It's just going to have to take third billing to the other titles in its own series.
Hardly worth buying if you already own either of the first two Point Blank titles as it's basically more of the same thing. Meanwhile arcade shooters such as this have taken a massive leap forward on PS2 in the form of Silent Scope. However, if you don't have access to any of the above and are looking for a couple of hour's mindless fun when your mates call around, then check this out.
PSM (Dec, 2001)
Considering the lightgun genre isn't quite bursting at the seams right now, Point Blank 3 is certainly a welcome addition. It's got enough mini-games and modes to keep you interested for quite a while. The music is also catchy, which is something that can't quite be said of the second game. There's nothing really amazing that jumps out at you, but there's still plenty of fun to be had.
Years after its introduction, Namco’s Guncon is still one of the best video game gun peripherals in the business, but even this isn’t enough to make Point Blank three a worthwhile purchase. It’s not that the last in this trilogy isn’t enjoyable – far from it! The problem is that the wrinkles of age are beginning to show in this series’ graphic presentation, and there’s really no reason to play number three over number one or two. Oh sure, there are a few new stages thrown in here and there, but it’s all basically the same stuff. Plus, if you haven’t started on gun games at this point in the PlayStation life cycle, Point Blank 3 isn’t going to convince you to do so. Namco, it’s time to take the Guncon and the two doctors that go with them to PlayStation 2, and bring this respected franchise up to next-gen speed.
55 (Mar 29, 2001)
Point Blank 3 me laisse assez dubitatif. D'un côté je trouve la débilité des défis proposés assez attachante mais en même temps, faire payer un jeu 300 francs qui propose exactement la même chose qu'un autre sorti deux ans plus tôt est limite malhonnête. Je le réserverai donc aux joueurs ayant un gun, mais ne possédant pas l'un des épisodes précédents.
Gamekult (Mar 20, 2001)
Ni plus beau, ni plus riche, ni plus original que ses prédécesseurs, Point Blank 3 n'offre pas grand-chose qui puisse motiver les inconditionnels des Point Blank. A la limite, ceux qui possèdent déjà deux pistolets GunCon et veulent amortir leur achat avec un nouveau jeu compatible avec ce périphérique de tir pourront se laisser tenter, pour une nouvelle tranche de rigolade entre amis. Mais qu'ils ne s'attendent pas à quoi que ce soit de nouveau, hélas.