Porsche Challenge Credits


Created BySCEE Internal Development
Senior ProgrammersMark Green, Richard Lee, Allan Murphy
ProgrammersMichael Braithwaite, Paul N. Stapley
Lead ArtistJason Millson
Graphic ArtistsSam Coates, David Hamblin, Ravinder Singh, Rolf Mohr
Assistant Producer and ManualRichard Skews
Internal Development ManagerPascal Jarry
Additional ArtworkJulian Hughes-Watts, Mark Prettyman, Alessandro Tento
Music and Sound DesignJason Page
QA ManagerTony Bourne
Head of Internal TestingSteven Archer
Lead Internal TesterJim McCabe
Internal TestersDominic Berzins, Bradley Davey, Chris Moseley, Alan Stubbs, Martin Waterfield
MarketingSpencer Crossley
Packaging & Manual DesignNadim Othman
Special ThanksAll at Porsche, Peter Metzdorf (Porsche), Gerhard Braun (Porsche), SCEE Developer Support, Paul Holman, Richard Milner, Vince Diesi, Malachy Duffin, Colin Hughes, David Virapen, everyone at SCEE, and all those long weekends and large quantities of pizza caffeine and cola.

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Credits for this game were contributed by //dbz: (5279) and Corn Popper (69382)