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IGN (Nov 22, 2000)
Under its shabby looking exterior, Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball is a good game concept that works at a bare-bones level. There are no extras, and there isn't much replay value once you have beaten the game in world tour once or twice. But you really have to love volleyball a hell of a lot to want to play this, and what's more, you won't impress any of your friends with the graphics. It's a pretty good game to play by one self, and it's more fun to play with a second player, but again, you'll have to forgive a lot of the game lot to enjoy it. Only the grittiest, diehard volleyball players will want to play Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball, if even they are interested.
Power Unlimited (Dec, 2000)
Slechte controls en gare graphics maken van Beach Volleyball een rukgame eerste klas. Jammer voor de zusjes Kadijk.
While it’s basically inoffensive, Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball lacks both polish and depth, which relegates it to the status of a novelty title at best. This situation is largely the result of an extremely narrow window of playability. Early in the going, the hesitant controls and defensively weak AI make the learning curve unnecessarily steep for a system the lacks any real finesse in its gameplay. Later on, repetitive matches, venues, characters, sound effects and music all contribute to a sensation of boredom that relegates this title to an early demise on the average gamer’s rotation. The saving grace, however, is the four-party multiplayer support, which can eliminate any problems with the AI teammate as well as breathe new life into the exhibition and tournament modes. Unfortunately, even the introduction of additional players won’t resolve every problem with this simulation.
PSM (Feb, 2001)
Any sport that receives a very small following, and then becomes a video game must first entice gamers with solid gameplay, rather than with realism. Although Power Spike isn't really a simulation, it offers gamers little incentive to play other than real pro volleyball players and how many of us really know, or care about, Pro Beach Volleyball?
GameSpot (Nov 29, 2000)
Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball makes a good attempt, but its inconsistencies and shoddy control detract from the overall experience. It has the benefit of being instantly playable, but on the flip side, the game is also instantly forgettable.
The Video Game Critic (Mar 22, 2001)
The sound effects are abysmal, with uneven, disjointed crowd noise. The players seem to yell unintelligible phrases like "Nobody!" for no reason. The control is a mixed bag. Players move nervously, but the control scheme makes targeting the ball easy, and I love the way you can aim your shots. If you can look past the poor graphics and sound, Power Spike does provides some decent one or two-player volleyball action.
NowGamer (Oct 27, 2000)
All you really need to know is that this is a pitiful interpretation of the game, which will disgust fans of the sport and volleyball virgins alike.
Video Games (Dec, 2000)
Ich wollte ja nicht hören. Alle in der Redaktion haben mich vor diesem Spiel gewarnt. Doch nachdem ich mich selbst dieser Sportart gerne und oft hingebe, habe ich einfach gehofft, dass Beach Volleyball, wenn auch nicht in grafischer, dann zumindest in spielerischer Hinsicht etwas zu bieten hat. Die verschiedenen Moves und Spielzüge machen sich in der Anleitung ja relativ gut, im Spiel selbst erweisen sie sich mangels Mitspieler-KI und unbrauchbarer Kameraperspektiven jedoch als völlig unbrauchbar. Hinzu kommen die schlechten Animationen und die viel zu verzögerte und unpräzise Steuerung der Spieler.