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Project Overkill Credits


Game DesignAllan Ditzig, Will Rieder
ProgrammingWill Rieder
Team LeaderAllan Ditzig
Character DesignAllan Ditzig
Modeling and AnimationAllan Ditzig
GoreAllan Ditzig, Brad Garneau
Level EditingBrad Garneau, Darin Klatt, Karen Rhine
BackgroundsBrad Garneau, Darin Klatt, Karen Rhine
3D ObjectsBrad Garneau, Darin Klatt
Music CompositionMark Nemcoff
Sound EffectsKevin Xue
Final Explosion & Additional ArtGuy Burdick
Additional MusicAdgio Hutchings
U.S. MarketingRandy Severin
U.K. MarketingJon Sloan

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Credits for this game were contributed by BurningStickMan (18014)