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Quake II Credits (PlayStation)

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Critic Score
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Quake II Credits

Hammerhead Ltd.

Hammerhead Ltd.Chris Alizon, Jason Allen, Neil Barnes, Raoul Barnett, Martin Blevin, Jo Daly, Nicola Daly, Ray Donnelly, Darren Fahy, Mike Follin, Paul Hesketh, Darren Holt, Paul Hunter, Andy Ingram, Simon James, Paul Johnson, Marc Jones, Charles McNair, Philip Merricks, Karim Mezeli, Chris Stanforth, Fiona Stanforth, Alan Wales, Craig Whittle
Libraries / UtilitiesSte Cork

id Software

ProgrammingJohn Carmack, John Cash
ArtAdrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud, Paul Steed, Kenneth Scott
Level DesignTim Willits, Christian Antkow, Jennell Jaquays
BusinessTodd Hollenshead, Katherine Anna Kang, Donna Jackson
Level music bySonic Mayhem

Activision, Inc.

Additional ProgrammingGary Jesdanun
ProducerMarty Stratton
Associate ProducerSteven Elwell
Director of Global Brand ManagementDusty Welch
Associate Brand ManagerKevin Kraff
Senior PublicistJulia Roether
Production TestingSteve Rosenthal
Manager of Console TestingMarilena Morini
QA Sr. Project LeadJoseph Favazza
QA Project LeadEric Koch
QA TestersDamien Fischer, Edmond Puccio, Nelson Prince, Joseph Shackelford, Jefrey Sedivy, Bryan Anderson, Jeff McLean, Michael Denny, Jeremy Luyties, Andy Mitchell, Kirk M. Kosinski, Frank So, Jason Potter, Shawn Johnson, Eric Zimmerman, Christian Bierman
Documentation ManagerMichael Rivera
Manual LayoutSylvia Orzel
Special ThanksMitch Lasky, Derek Guillermo McLeish, Jim Summers, Marc Bennett, David Grijns, Tanya Langston

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Credits for this game were contributed by Dalroi (310), ray donnelly (5) and AdminBB (112)