R/C Stunt Copter Credits

The Crazies Who Made This?

Project LeadCharles Bloomer
ProgrammingJohn Alvarado, Michael Winfield, Tim Hays, Ron Nakada, Didier Malenfant, Robert Suh
ArtCharles Bloomer, Erik Drageset, Lloyd Murphy, Klaus Lyngeled, Kevin Munroe
Hi‑Res Copter ModelSadie Peet
DesignR/C Stunt Copter Team
Additional 3D ModelingJonathan Ross, John Kubasco
ToolsMalachy Duffin
Production ManagementMatthew Findley (Senior Producer Interplay Productions), David Perry (President Shiny Entertainment)
Music and Sound FXTommy Tallarico Studios Inc.
Sound Design and EditingJoey Kuras
Flight InstructorCharles Bloomer
Audio Script byCharles Bloomer, Matthew Findley, Tommy Tallarico
Big GrubJohn Alvarado (President), Michael Winfield, Ron Nakada
End MovieScott Barrett

Quality Assurance

Director of QAJeremy S. Barnes
QA ManagersGreg Baumeister, Michael Motoda
Administrative AssistantMonica Vallejo
Project SupervisorShanna Lynne Takayama
Senior TesterJohn Kirkland
TestersErik Guenther, Jay Nielsen, Kevin Osburn
Marketing ManagerTod Mack
Public RelationsLisa Bucek-Jensen
Manual Written byScott Herrington, Matthew Findley
Traffic ManagerSherry LaVertu
Manual Design and LayoutMichael L. Quintos
Special ThanksBrian Fargo, Trish Wright, Justin Corradino, Tommy Fran├žois, Brad Hartke, Scott Herrington, Pamela McSwain, Mike , Stuart Roch, Tom Tanaka, Elvis, Wing

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sonic Blue (102)