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Title screen
One of the few games where you can choose a musical language! Also, as a matter of fact, one of the very few Japanese RPGs with difficulty levels!
Cornet wakes up in her room
Nice view of the capital city
Status screen
Outside of Cornet's house
A generic shop
This is all that is left from the past glory of world maps
Nice graphics around the church
I wonder why no fantasy temple looks like a synagogue
Battle in a forest. Options
Exploring the forest
Cave dungeon
Battle in a cave. Movement range
You can find such pictures in treasure chests
Capital city, central square
In a castle
So that's how rich people live...
The Illustration menu eventually becomes accessible. It contains all sorts of character graphics...
...concept art...
...and monster art
Birds ganging up on me in a volcanic cave. Cave dungeons are horribly similar - this one is just slightly more reddish than the rest
Party management menu
Battle against comical knights. The surrounding dungeon graphics do not offer much variety
Nice walkway with sculptures - on the way to one of the four or five castles in the game
Hmm, I don't think I'll fit here...
Tower dungeons look depressingly identical. You'll stare at this same room with very slight palette and texture changes countless times!
This is Giga Flare spell in action!
You visit a FROG village. All the inhabitants here are FROGS. What's wrong? You got a problem with that?..
If there is a frog village, expect a frog castle as well. Frog guards, frog statues, probably also frog monarchy... so what? That happens, let me tell you
Tower of Wisdom. Meeting a supposedly wise geezer. He talks a lot of trash
Cat Mines entrance
Relaxing at a diner in one of the bigger cities
Nice harbor area with people, statues, and all that
Enchanted forest. Wait a few seconds and you'll be teleported to yet another identically-looking dungeon, a screenshot of which I find redundant to share
Believe it or not, these are the visual consequences of the most powerful Meteor spell in the game. Right... not much eye candy, eh?..
Few Japanese RPGs are complete without an obligatory snowy village
This bear has seen better times
A desert area is also nearly a must in the games of this genre. This one is called Oasis, but has suspiciously excessive vegetation
You've discovered an old Soviet subway train and are being teleported to post-apocalyptic Moscow!.. ... Or something like this - I'm just improvising here
This is the effect of a Holy spell one of your characters can cast. Pretty cheap, if you ask me
Nice view high in the mountains
We gather in this final castle to fight the ultimate evil!..