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Gives Road Rash a Bad Name Indra was here (20867) 1.5 Stars1.5 Stars1.5 Stars1.5 Stars1.5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Overall User Score (16 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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GamePro (US) (Aug, 1998)
Road Rash debuts in 3-D with the same slick execution, humorous flair and intense gameplay that drove the series to stardom back in the Genesis days. If you've been longing for a return of the Rash, Road Rash 3-D is the answer to your prayers.
Gamezilla (1998)
If you are a former rasher, you should really have a blast. Sure, the gameplay is nothing new but look at it as a positive because a lot of times when the gameplay is messed with, the whole game ends up sucking. The great looking bikes and riders make you feel like you are a part of the action and the addition of different types of bikes really pulled me into the game more. I am not sure what sort of reaction the rest of the gaming press will have on this game but since I am a long time rasher, I really enjoyed it.
Road Rash 3D är ett spel som trots sina brister bjuder på både hojåkning och underhållningsvåld av hög kvalitet. En liten roadmovie för hemmabruk för den som vill känna sig lite vild och farlig för en stund.
Mega Fun (Jun, 1998)
Grafisch präsentiert sich das Spiel im zeitgemäßen Polygongewand. Die Engine ist dabei recht flott und vermittelt jederzeit ein gutes Geschwindigkeitsgefühl. Die Texturen, mit denen die Umgebung überzogen ist, wirken realistisch, und Aufbauprobleme bei den Landschaften lassen sich nicht ausmachen. Soundtechnisch brummen die Krafträder mit tollen Klängen über die Pisten. Auch spielerisch lassen sich die Vehikel mit etwas Übung und dank der analogen Steuerung sehr gut lenken. Sogar das Wegschmieren des Hinterreifens wird von Profis genutzt, um gekonnt in enge Kurven zu dritten. Störend finde ich jedoch, daß das Spielprinzip des Vorgängers 1:1 auf den Nachfolger übertragen wurde. Meiner Meinung nach reicht es nicht aus, ein Spiel einfach nur optisch aufzupeppen und neue Spielideen dabei gänzlich zu vernachlässigen. Schade auch, daß der Soundtrack qualitativ nicht an den des Originals heranreichen kann.
Video Games (Jun, 1998)
Das Spielprinzip ist unverändert: Geboten wird pures Motorradfeeling mit viel Action, abwechslungsreichen Strecken und aufregenden Videosequenzen. Das Ganze wird stilgerecht untermalt von röhrendem Motorensound. Eine grandiose Biker-Gaudi eben, die ihresgleichen sucht. Wenn man alle Strecken in jeder Schwierigkeitsstufe geschafft hat und das teuerste und beste Bike besitzt, läßt die Spielmotivation allerdings spürbar nach.
Power Unlimited (Jun, 1998)
RR 3D is veruit de beste Road Rash versie tot nu toe maar racers die graag met een maatje aan de slag willen, zullen het ontbreken van een echte two player mode als een groot gemis ervaren.
GameSpot (Jun 12, 1998)
So what's really keeping Road Rash 3D from being positively incredible is the occasional graphical glitch, the lack of a two-player mode (included in some of the earlier RRs), and the reduced fighting element. In the end, Road Rash 3D's a great single-player racing game; it just turned out less Road Rash than most die-hard fans of the series would have liked.
Retro Spirit Games (Aug 18, 2013)
Initially the game seems borderline unplayable thanks to the incredibly twitchy controls that require delicate touches of the D-pad to stay on the road - indeed, this is the only Road Rash game that I seem to consistently come off my bike due to simply turning a corner, hardly a fun element for an arcade racer - but you do get used to it with practice. Far less forgivable is the pathetic combat, which is by far the worst in any Road Rash game. Actually getting alongside an opponent long enough to begin thumping them is hard enough, but once you do your strikes hardly ever register, and even when you do strike them, it is hard to tell, resulting in zero satisfaction from these encounters. In a game that has built its reputation and popularity thanks to its beat-em-up leanings, this is hugely disappointing and really brings the game down in my opinion. Its solid driving and excellent courses save it somewhat, and make it definitely worth playing, just don't expect any decent fighting.
Dodging in and out of traffic to get to your damaged bike was one of the best things in the old Road Rash games, so it's a shame to lose it for Road Rash 3D. The bike handling is more realistic, and will take a bit of getting used to - especially learning how to control slides. There are plenty of better racing games on the PlayStation, but Road Rash 3D is certainly fun for a while.
While Road Rash 3-D boasts an entirely new 3D graphics engine, the gameplay remains refreshingly true to the series' roots. Unlike the linear tracks found in previous games in the series, Road Rash 3-D encompasses more than 100 scale miles of interconnected urban, suburban and rural highways. While many casual gamers will be thrilled by Road Rash 3-D's fast action and over-the-top- violence, long-time fans of the series will see the game as little more than a solid foundation for the next Road Rash.
IGN (Jun 11, 1998)
For now, fans of Road Rash will probably buy this game, and feel a bite of anger and sadness, knowing how good it could have been. And for those who haven't ever played Road Rash, well, there are better motorcycle games out there.
The game fails at offering fans of the series anything new (it's exactly like the 3DO version - race for money and buy better bikes), feeling like a complete rehash of what has already been done before. Add the graphical glitches and the shaky control and you've got yourself a sub par game. And it's a shame. I for one loved the 3DO version and was looking forward to Road Rash 3D. Needless to say, I'm highly disappointed and I think most fans of the series will be also.
Game Revolution (Jun 04, 2004)
All in all, this is one of the worst motorcycle games I have ever played. The most disappointing aspect of the game is the fact that it doesn't come close to matching the great gameplay of its predecessors. I've prayed for Road Rash on the new consoles for years. Unfortunately, this game answered my prayers and I had to immediately switch religions. If you loved Road Rash on the Genesis, you should not buy this game.