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Rugrats: Search for Reptar Reviews (PlayStation)

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The age range doesn’t really cover much more than infant games players, but what’s there for them is sure to hit the right chords. It’s simple, but engaging and will surely be just as effective a pacifier as Disney’s videos have been for so many years. Baby-sitters will love It, because kids will play It time and time again, and that usually makes everyone’s life a little easier. Don’t wait until junior’s birthday, buy this right away and you’re buying peace of mind for a long time.
PSX Nation (Nov 20, 1998)
One simple problem keeps this game from being better than it could have been. The sloppy control really detracts any fun that older gamers could have had with this game. Younger players will probably still enjoy the game simply because of the cartoon influence. If you are a fan of the cartoon, young or old, Rugrats: Search for Reptar may be for you.
Gamezilla (May 09, 1999)
This game will be appreciated more by a Rugrats fan than someone looking for a great video game. It stays within the theme and fun of the cartoon and has enough novelties to keep kids busy for a while. It would have earned a higher rating if it didn’t have such long texts to read to know what to do in each level and if the camera angle followed the player’s motions more intuitively. If anyone in your family loves the Rugrats, this would make a good gift; otherwise I would recommend renting it before buying.
IGN (Dec 02, 1998)
Overall, Rugrats performs a great job of replicating the show, but pulls off only a decent job of being fun to play outside of sheer novelty.
GameSpot (Jan 05, 1999)
The shifting camera angles can be a bit nausea inducing at times, but that's its only real wart. If you've got young kids in your family, they'll likely enjoy it a lot.
Yet despite these issues, the game is still very playable. You cannot die and only a few levels are a pain to get through. As an added benefit, kids can avoid these levels entirely and still win the game. While it goes without saying that older crowds should stay far away, this game is sure to please any rugrat new to the PlayStation's world.
Video Games (May, 1999)
Sicherlich, der gute Wille war offensichtlich da. Die kleinen Bonusspielchen sind relativ abwechslungsreich und das Flair der Bildschirmvorlage wurde gekonnt übernommen. Doch was das Gameplay angeht, muß sich THQ einiges an Kritik gefallen lassen. Denn obwohl es ein lobenswerter Vorsatz sein mag, ein Spiel für Kinder zu produzieren, dürfen objektive Maßstäbe nicht fehlen. Man sollte diese Zielgruppe nicht als Vorwand benutzen, um in puncto Steuerung und Kameraperspektive zu schlampen. Während die Kamera durch die Möglichkeit der manuellen Einstellung gerade noch akzeptabel ist, macht die Steuerung das Game fast unspielbar.
NowGamer (Nov 01, 1998)
For parents, or anybody else for that matter, looking for a piece of harebrained baby adventure along the vein of both the film and cartoons they won’t find it. Rather, they’ll find a piece of harebrained programming unable to satisfy anybody but those with shares in The Early Learning Centre. Unfortunately Rugrats just doesn’t cut it and for such a cynical generation that were brought up on guns and violence, they will be sorely disappointed.