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Random Access (Nov 24, 2013)
I was actually very impressed with Saiyuki: Journey West. Unlike many games that I have played as of late, I actually looked forward to playing it again the next day. I'd actually strongly suggest this to anyone who has never tried a strategy-RPG but is interested in the genre because, in terms of difficulty, this one's far easier and more accessible than many others. Plus, you can learn a little bit about Chinese literary history, albeit a rather loose rendition. Saiyuki: Journey West is an oft-forgotten PlayStation gem that can be (hopefully) found at your local used game store OR on the PlayStation Network as a PSOne Classic for a very low sum. Journey west, everyone!
Interestingly, the Were receive their own experience and level-ups separately from the characters they spawn from. Different strategies must be used to overcome the perils that lie within the varied landscapes and mission objectives. I invested well over 300 hours into Tactics, and the plethora of sidequests should keep me hooked to this worthy impersonator for just as long.
Most characters can transform into a beast form that makes them tougher, but can only be used for a short time, and only by one person in the group. Also interesting is how the party's Were side levels up separately from the human side. Add in spells, summons, shopping, battles that sometimes require more than just killing everybody, and seemingly unlimited sidequests, and it becomes obvious that there's plenty to enjoy in Saiyuki, and it will be a long, pleasant road getting to the end.
GameSpot (Aug 24, 2001)
Saiyuki is a competent title with enough depth, playability, challenge, and originality to hold the interest of the discerning strategy fan. The unique setting and story are presented with a solid translation effort, and the game should take around 30 hours to finish. This low-profile title definitely deserves a look.
Legendra (Aug 07, 2012)
Saiyuki est un bon jeu, qui ne figurera certainement pas au panthéon des T-RPG, mais qui mérite tout de même que l’on s’y intéresse, malgré une répétitivité et une lenteur certaines lors des combats. La durée de vie est correcte (comptez 25 à 30h pour en voir le bout), les graphismes ont un peu vieilli, mais certains aspects, notamment les mimiques des personnages et les couleurs vives, font que tout cela passe quand même bien visuellement. Même si le jeu peut parfois lasser par le manque de dynamisme de ses combats, on appréciera les efforts faits concernant l’interactivité avec le décor lors des batailles, qui rappellent certains combats de Shining Force III ou Vandal Hearts, ainsi que l’univers dans lequel on évolue, assez unique pour un RPG.
PSM (Sep, 2001)
An enjoyable (and mythologically correct) romp through Chinese legends in a charming strategy RPG with all the trimmings. Enthusiasts will want to give this game the attention it very much deserves.