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Scrabble Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

The game's title screen
The main menu
The New Game menu. There are three games available, the current selection is Scrabble but pressing cross will cycle between this, Anagram, and Conundrum
The game configuration options. There are general settings for sound and so on that are accessed from the main menu. These are settings that apply to a new game.
The start of a scrabble game. When the player selects a letter it will go into the highlighted cell. Pressing square allows the player to change this cell
The animated scoring feature, shown here, is optional and can be disabled
There are ten levels of AI opponent. the lower levels are represented by a scarecrow. Each character has their own animation
When a turn is over the game shows each word that has been entered and it's score
The game's load screen. This is used as the game prepares a game and again when a game ends and the player is returned to the menu
A game of Conundrum. Each player has the same letters with which to make a word. The double/triple letter/word squares apply so the longer the word the higher the score
A game of Conundrum. After the player has had their turn the Ai has a bit of a think before playing their word
Playing Conundrum. Making a long word scores heavily because it uses both the double and triple word squares and both count, plus there's a hefty bonus
A game of Anagram. Twelve rounds, four with five letter words, four with six letter words and four with seven letter words.
The AI opponent does not take being beaten very well