Shadow Madness Credits (PlayStation)

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Shadow Madness Credits


Executive ProducerTed Woolsey
ProducerTracey Montoya


Engineering Lead/Battle Mode ProgrammerMatthew Scott
World Mode/UI ProgrammerAdam Schaeffer
3D/Vfx ProgrammerSiang Lin Loo
Scripting Engine/AI ProgrammerAndy Yoder
Tools/Support ProgrammerJoseph Laurino, Jamie Hecker
Tools/Supoort ProgrammerAnna Farr, Timothy Moore
Intern ProgrammerJason Ilano, Adam Stritzel


Art DirectorAnnabella Serra
Background ArtistDamon Conklin, Ian Milham, Adrian Woods, Andrew Woods, Emmanuel Athans, Shawn Mulanix, Katrin Petersen, Priscilla Prentice, Dylan Sisson
FMV ArtistIan Milham, Andrew Woods, Emmanuel Athans, Dylan Sisson
Animation ArtistArnel Ramac, Ian Milham, Adrian Woods, Shawn Mulanix, Katrin Petersen, Dylan Sisson, Andrew Woods
Integration/Scene ArtistTiffany Vongerichten, Sarah Barnes, Logan Bender, Stephanie Kretchmer
First Person Mini Game ArtistDominick Meissner, Dylan Sisson, Katrin Petersen, Troy Jacobson


Design and StoryTed Woolsey, Paul Reed

Sound and Music

Musical Score/Sound Effects DesignBrad Spear


Design/ScriptingAnna Farr, Jim Gentle, Tom Kristensen, Nicholas Newhard, Paul Reed, Ted Woolsey, Tracey Montoya, Joseph Laurino, Mike Smerekanych, Adam Stritzel
Scripting LeadAndy Yoder

First Person Mini Games

Design LeadDominick Meissner
Art TeamDylan Sisson, Katrin Petersen, Troy Jacobson


QA CoordinatorPhil Honeywell
Seattle QA Lead TesterJim Gentle, Chrystya Uldrikis
QA TestersJacob Bunney, Robert J. Kirkpatrick, Collin Moore, Chris Allis, Matt Donahue, Jeffrey Itkin
QA ManagerHans Lo


Sr. Director of MarketingJane Gilbertson
Public Relations ManagerJay Boor
Creative Service ManagerRyan Villiers-Furze
Product ManagerKeith Wymetalek


PresidentRich Silveira
VP Internal DevelopmentTed Woolsey
CEONima Taghavi

System Administration/HR Support

System Administration/HR SupportBrian Connolly, Joseph Gerkman, Helen Huthnance

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Product ManagerKenny Mathers
ProductionMartin Alltimes
PR‑ManagerElizabeth Ashford
Print ProductionChris Gorman
Manual DesignJames Phippen
Manual WriterRussell Coburn
Lead Manual ApprovalLee Travers
Manual ApprovalStephen Griffiths, Terri Harrison
Quality Assurance LeadGeoff Rens
Internal Quality Assurance LeadChris Rowley
Lead TesterDee Wiswell
TestersJohn Cassidy, Andy Macoy, Ste Talbot, Elodie Hummel, Britta Kuhnen, Marcello Costa, Susana Paredes, Ian McEvoy, Moulay Drissi

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Credits for this game were contributed by Dominick Meissner (3), Tobias Küper (302) and MonkeyPants (21)