Shadow Madness Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen
Being attacked by a Bulrazor
Combat tips
Simon mini-game with the chest lock
Map detail
Waterfall passage
Meeting your third party member early in the game
List of spells during combat on the world map
Maze dungeon
Red Tom
Fighting a cave monster
Casting another spell outdoors
Village house
Fighting a golem
Arriving at Karillion
City guard
Shop interior
Items for sale
Fighting some mercenaries
Two mimes
Late-game dungeon. My character is impressively small
Lavishly decorated rooms aren't uncommon in this game. Wouldn't expect such warm luxury in an ominous tower, though
Late-game battle. Alas, you hit the level cap way too early in this game. Stinger here is being hit by a DARG ORG scientist. Eat some porg, you dorg!..
Difficulty level selection - in a Japanese RPG! Oh, my! And with cool animal faces, too!..
You can say what you want about the ultimate evil, but he is no stranger to stylish furniture