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Silent Hill Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu and main title.
Game disclaimer.
SH offers variety of options.
Intro movie scene.
After a car accident, you realize your daughter's missing and go looking for her (prologue).
Inventory and health status screen.
Harry, following where he thought he saw his daughter going.
After you regain consciousness from the first attack, you'll meet Cybil and gain a gun.
Lots of items lie around waiting for you to pick them up or use.
Attacked by an unknown flying creature will convince you nightmare's barely just begun.
One of the most important objects in your inventory will be a broken radio which signals to presence of the monsters.
Not that you're being hungry, but maybe there would be some shotgun bullets in that fridge.
Exploring the Old Silent Hill, during the 'normal' reality time.
Harry must go to the alley marked on the map where Cheryl has gone on his dream.
Soon you'll figure the whole place's been deserted, and almost all the houses, cars and the rest are empty.
Finding saving point won't be that hard, but they are always in indoors.
Your character will automatically doodle on every map you have, so you won't have to think where you went and where not yet.
Some puzzles will require a little more than just luck, for example the bird-piano puzzle.
Finding Lisa, the nurse that was hiding behind some desk somewhere in the hospital, though in 'alternate' reality.
Yes, there won't be too much of the characters to talk to, only monsters.
An old dusty motorcycle... though the gas cap looks very shiny, I wonder why.
Harry trying the newly acquired hunter's rifle.
Bloody scenes will never lack, especially not in the hospital.
First piece of meat
You car...
Poor dog
The alternate school
Friend or enemy ?
Nurse killer
The friendly nurse
Commercial center
Your way to underground
Step slowly
The lighthouse
Something doesn't work on She
Not a funny game, kill or be killed
Lisa has something to asking you
Very quiet
Last zoom before all the truth