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Spec Ops: Ranger Elite Credits


Lead ProgrammerSteven Caslin
Front EndRichard Gatehouse
Sound SystemPaul Tankard
Level EditorAndrei Ellman
Art ManagementAndy Noble
Lead ArtistDavid H. Tolley
ArtistsMartin Walker, Tracy Hudson, Ian Tasker, Andy Jones
AnimationJames Finlay
DesignerStephen D. Lodge
Level DesignerStephen D. Lodge
Music & Sound EngineeringMatt Sugden, Craig Beattie
QA ManagerMark Hooley
Lead Tester & Additional DesignBob Hands
TestersMichael Barlow, Wez Foster, John Brown, Gregory Ellis
ProducerStewart Gilray
Executive ProducersKeith Jackson, Martin Hooley

Additional Credits

Original MusicRoland Barker
Military AdvisorRon Haskins (Factor Defence Services)
Voice ActorsMatt Brophy, Javier Garavito, Eric Haerten, Pieter Zilinsky, Ron Haskins, Tracey Montoya, Mark Long, Ivan Dinh, Adi Granov
Special ThanksSecond Rangers Battalion - FT Lewis WA

Take 2

ProducerMichael Wenn
Assistant ProducerNick Sneddon
Marketing ManagerRachel England-Brassy
International Marketing ManagerSarah Seaby
Marketing AssistantGary Sims
Group Production ManagerJon Broadbridge
Group Production Co‑OrdinatorChris Madgwick
UK PR ManagerAmy Curtin

Take 2 New York

Executive ProducerSam Houser
Technical ProducerGary J. Foreman
ProducerJamie King
Associate ProducerMark Garone
Take 2 Production CoordinatorJennifer Kolbe
Take 2 Product ManagerSteven Knezevich
Technical CoordinatorBrandon Rose
QA ManagerJeff Rosa
Lead AnalystRichard Huìe
Graphic DesignersStanton A. Sarjeant, Paul Yeates
Test TeamMark Garone, Joe Greene, Brian Planer, Colin McShane, Richard Huìe

Tarantula Studio

QA ManagerMark Lloyd
Lead TesterMatthew Hewitt
TestersJames Cree, Julian Turner

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69281)