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Written by  :  Rensch (216)
Written on  :  Dec 02, 2005
Platform  :  PlayStation
Rating  :  4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars

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A sequel as a sequel should be! Improved in many ways.

The Good

I liked the free-roaming formula of part 1 and it remained intact in this sequel. The huge worlds have those same complex designs that trigger you to find a way to get to that very last platform to pick up that very last gem. This level formula that started with Super Mario 64 does a good job to on the playstation with Spyro 2.

Although the gameplay remained mostly intact, there's a lot of new things. Most of Spyro's old moves are back but also quite a few new ones where introduced here. These moves include such things as a ground pound and Spyro's good old fire breath. Another thing that has significantly improved is the story. There are much more characters involved now, and now and then there's a cut-scene showing what's happening. Spyro's homeworld is rainy so he wants to take a vacation to the dragon shores. So our purple hero and his trusted pal Sparx the dragonfly enter the portal. However, in the land of Avalar, a mole-like professor takes a Spyro over there and asks for his help to defeat the evil little dinosaur Ripto who's causing trouble. Besides these characters there's Elora the Faun and hunter the Cheetah who help you with the gameplay.

Ripto and his two Dinosaur servants Crusch and Gulp serve as bosses of the three worlds. That doesn't seem like much but each world has portals to lots of other levels. There are more that 30 worlds in all. In each homeworld or subworld there's a main quest, which is mostly very easy start-to-end-of-level gameplay, and some sidequests. These are presented to you by characters asking for help, some of which are very funny and original. Upon clearing one of these objects you'll receive an orb. As you collect more orbs, more portals will open up, leaving quite some replay if you want to collect all items even after you completed the main quest. Some sidequests are very easy but others are very challenging which makes this game fun for both younger and older players. They are also very original ranging from roller-coaster rides to shooting lizards, and are probably the best improvement in the entire game. If you've collected everything, you'll be able to go everywhere. This will take a while, I can assure you.

The graphics have improved too. The style remains the same but there's more detail in the textures making it a more atmospheric experience to play through the different worlds. It's easily one of the most beautiful platform games on the PSX. Finally, the sound is excellent. The music is once again composed by none other than the police drummer Stewart Copeland giving those same jazzy tunes that I liked a lot in part 1. Each character also has its own distinctive voice that fits with the character.

The Bad

The main quests of each level is usually a little bit too easy so you'll be more busy with the sidequests.

The Bottom Line

A brilliant platform game with great gameplay, great graphics, a good story and some of the most interesting levels in platform gaming history. They just shout to be explored thoroughly. This is the best Spyro there is. Though Spyro 3 had more to offer it was mostly the same as Spyro 2 making Spyro 2 the game that really improved the series. Buy this game and relive times when Spyro's game weren't such bad games as some of its recent sequels re considered to be. Brilliant game!