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Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Title Screen (European version)
Main menu
Game intro
One of the many missions you will go on
Sparx helps Spyro to collect gems
In one of the hub worlds
Zoe zaps Spyro to help him as checkpoint
Each level has a short cutscene when entering and leaving.
Some enemies require a flame attack before they will be defeated.
Spyro meets Moneybags and he is guarding the bridge, to make the bridge open you must pay an "small fee"
Spyro lights the gem lamps with flame
Spyro receives an orb by lighting the gem lamps as reward
Spyro receives this talisman
Movie scene: Ripto is taking over Summer Forest and Elora says "oh no"
A new feature of this game is the use of powerups like the supercharge.
Spyro got an orb by completing a job.
Another feature of this game: swim underwater ability.
You most defeat more enemies to activate this powerup
Playing a hockey match at colossus.
Take that thief!
In the speedways you can't collect talismans but you can have fun.
The superflame powerup can destroy some objects.
Riding in a stingray.
The guidebook: you can see the progress of the levels shown.
The first boss: Crush.
Another cutscene: Ripto scares Moneybags.
Another Spyro's new ability: climbing the ladder
Spyro spits a lava rock into a catbat.
This powerup makes Spyro invincible.
Spyro is using the cannon.
Meeting Greta in Scorch level.
Spyro is helping Hunter to catch the monkeys.
The Satyr is playing his bagpipe after you release him from the stone.
Goodbye earthshaper.
Spyro makes a long glide.
The little faun uses his hammer to destroy the earthshaper.
If Sparx eats shiny blue butterflies, you win an extra life.
Chasing the wily thief to retrieve one of the magic lamps.
The speedways has also secret challenges, if you complete it, you'll receive a prize.
The second boss: Gulp.
Another Spyro's new ability: Headbash, is useful in hard tasks like rocks.