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Written by  :  Rensch (216)
Written on  :  Nov 29, 2005
Platform  :  PlayStation
Rating  :  4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars

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A surprisingly addictive platform game in the style of Super Mario 64, but with more levels.

The Good

The graphics engine of this game was actually pretty unique. It makes sure you can see items glittering in the background and there's no buildings suddenly disappearing. Instead, faraway places just fade away, making it feel much more realistic. Overall the graphics are detailed and colorful, and make this game attractive. The levels just ask to be checked out carefully if you want to collect every item and save all dragons. The levels have a lot of secret area's making them extra rewarding if you collect everything. There are six rather unique worlds to explore each with one homeworld which has portals to the other levels in the world. The story tells the tale of Spyro, a little dragon with attitude. If the evil Gnasty Gnorc turns all the other dragons into stone, it's up to little purple Spyro and his pal Sparx the dragonfly (who is your health meter, really) to restore all of the dragon treasure, free all dragons and collect the dragon eggs. This will take you through all dragon realms. They include the Artisans, a world with lush hills, the Peacekeepers, a desert, the Magic Crafters, a mountain world, the Beastmakers, a jungle, the Dreamweavers, a dream world and finally Gnasty's World where Gnasty and his Gnorcs reside. Each world also has a challenging flying level, which will require you to hit everything in time with your fire breath. This collecting and exploring formula is very addictive. You'll be busy a while collect everything. Sound is great, too. The music is made by Steve Copeland, the drummer of the legendary band "The Police". It's very funky and enjoyable. The voice acting is excellent too.

The Bad

There are no much sidequests besides the normal game. This was solved in later games but in this very first Spyro there are none to be found except for the flying levels.

The Bottom Line

Very addictive platformer that seems to be made for kids but if you want to collect everything it will also please older players. If you just find it to be missing a few things, try both PSX sequels, those are brilliant and even more challenging.