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Mediocre game... The two-player mode is good though! Reborn_Demon (136) 2.6 Stars2.6 Stars2.6 Stars2.6 Stars2.6 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.5
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Overall User Score (20 votes) 3.5

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There really hasn't been a solid action/platform game on PS-X for a while, and Power Battles fills that gap nicely.
GameZone (Dec 19, 2001)
With obvious parallels to the Episode I motion picture, Jedi Power Battles distinguishes itself as an action-packed romp through the Star Wars universe. The game flow is very nice, the different levels seem huge, the animated effects are well rendered, and the game offers a nice variety of foes. This game is a lot of fun to play, and will surely appeal to Star Wars fans.
So what it comes down to is we have great graphics, great sound FX, great soundtrack and an easy to master game that has no way for you to save a placeholder to practice getting past certain choke points. You'd think that the first few levels would be relatively easy to get through to gain your confidence and then get progressively harder. Sure it does get harder, but the very first level is difficult enough. I guess what I'm saying is if you have enormous patience and a tremendous amount of time on your hands, you'll definitely progress through all the levels. I'm just not sure if many people will have enough patience to do this. We would therefore recommend that you try-before-you-buy, especially if you are buying this for a younger or inexperienced gamer.
The Video Game Critic (May 18, 2005)
Oh yes, this is the game Star Wars fans have been waiting for! In contrast to last year's Phantom Menace, Power Battles doesn't waste your time with tedious puzzles. No, this is non-stop arcade action, much like the SNES Star Wars games - only this time in 3D.
65 (Jul 17, 2000)
It's likely that the potency of the Star Wars license is why this division continues to exist. Their latest is a side-scrolling fighting game called Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles, and it's close to being a game that LucasArts finally got right.
Power Unlimited (Jul, 2000)
Lastige besturing, matige graphics, hoog platformgehalte en slecht camerawerk zijn niet de juiste ingrediënten voor een topgame. Wanneer krijg ik nou eens een leuk spel van Mark?
GameSpot (Apr 10, 2000)
Though not as ill-conceived or as badly carried out as its Episode I adventure-game kin, Jedi Power Battles still has enough problems to warrant it a game to be avoided. To paraphrase the Weeping Gorilla from Alan Moore's Top Ten comic series, maybe we just expect too much from LucasArts.
Mega Fun (May, 2000)
Was Lucas Arts mit diesem Spiel erreichen will ist ziemlich offensichtlich. Hier geht es nur um reines Vermarkten des Namens Star Wars, also um Abzocke. Die grottenschlechte Technik und Steuerung kann man nur als schlampig programmiert brandmarken. Jedes weitere Wort ist ein Wort zu viel. Auch von der Geschichte weist Jedi Power Battles nichts Neues auf. Ihr spielt die gleiche Story wie in „Die dunkle Bedrohung“, nur dass ihr hier einen Charakter auswählen dürft. Zwischen den zwei Schwierigkeitsgraden habe ich keinen Unterschied feststellen können. Ferner wurde die mangelnde Intelligenz der feindlichen Druiden durch Quantität ausgeglichen. Letztendlich ist Jedi Power Battles wesentlich schlechter als „Die dunkle Bedrohung“.
50 (May 23, 2000)
N’en jetez plus ! C’est un jeu qui plaira seulement aux fans les plus gravement atteints et à ceux qui veulent s’amuser quelques instants à casser du droïde. Si vous avez revu 30 fois les scènes de combat au sabre laser du premier épisode, vous avez un toute petite chance d’aimer ce jeu :).
40 (UK) (May 23, 2000)
Although it's built on a solid formula, Jedi Power Battles is another missed opportunity for Lucasarts to climb out of the hole they've dug themselves in the past few years. While home to a few redeeming features, it falls flat on its face with bad collision detection, overly elaborate character animations and rather poor execution on the whole.
PSM (Jun, 2000)
Everything from the backgrounds to the responsiveness of the characters really needed more work. there should have been more time spent in making it actually fun. The only thing that could have made this game much worse was if jar Jar was the lead character. Actually, we shouldn't say that. Lucas may get some ideas.
Tack vare de snygga animationerna, det trevliga kampsystemet och de trots allt ganska välgjorda banorna är Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles roligt en kort stund och halvkul ganska länge, vilket är mer än man kunde säga om The Phantom Menace. Men när banorna blir svårare och plattformsinslagen viktigare är det slut på det roliga och på Coruscant, den femte banan, dör spelet totalt. Det enda man vill göra då är att slänga in några Thermal Detonators bland utvecklarna på LucasArts och sedan begå seppuku med sin ljussabel, för då vill man aldrig se ett LucasArts-producerat Star Wars-spel igen.
Video Games (May, 2000)
Es ist schon tragisch, wie man das an sich sehr gute Thema derart in den Sand setzten kann. Vor allem die Unfairness, mit der die Robo-Krieger gegen euch vorgehen, ist enorm. Den Dauerbeschuss könnt ihr zwar für einige Zeit mit eurem Laserschwert blocken, wenn die Block-Energie allerdings aufgebraucht ist, seid ihr ihnen dank der hakeligen Steuerung oft wehrlos ausgeliefert – vor allem die Boss-Kämpfe verkommen so zum reinen Glücksspiel. Nein Lucas Arts – so nicht!
This game is a complete disappointment from beginning to end. Strip the name "Star Wars" from the title and no more than 10 people would give it a second thought. We all know LucasArts is capable of more, which makes this games quality all the more baffling.
Consoles Plus (Jun, 2000)
Bref, la maniabilité est mauvaise, les graphismes sont à mourir, l'intérêt de jeu égal à zéro. Un beat'em all de base, répétitif et bourrin, avec des phases plates-formes bidons. Bref, ça craint un max. Star Wars ou pas, ne jetez pas l'argent par les fenêtres !