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Written by  :  James Kirk (168)
Written on  :  May 09, 2005
Rating  :  1.83 Stars1.83 Stars1.83 Stars1.83 Stars1.83 Stars

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Avoid this game like Bantha poo!

The Good

Basically, the only thing I liked about this game is that it is a Star Wars game. The sounds are tolerable and the places you fight in are actually recognizable. After you're sick of the game, you can use it as a frisbee.

The Bad

Almost everything. The graphics are amazingly poor for a game for the playstation. The controls are clunky. There is a distinct lack of balance between the fighters. The arenas are all the same except for textures, the sounds are poor, and the gameplay is the same over and over again. The menu even seems off, lacking any kind of Star Wars feel.

The Bottom Line

If you are a hardcore star wars fan.(You eat star wars cereal, you wear star wars pajamas, play with star wars action figures, etc.) then you possibly might want this game. Elsewise, avoid this game like a blaster shot to the head.