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Street Racer Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Intro movie.
Title screen.
Main menu. Game modes: micro and normal.
Options. Micro mode: isometric or flat. Split screen: box or wide.
Configure controller.
Game select. Race or Rumble.
Cup select.
Car select. Surf, the only female character.
Raph, one of the male characters.
Suzulu's track. Go!
Feeling dizzy.
I just punched Hodja.
There are four camera views to choose from.
"Special" trick.
Don't like this view.
Race options. I don't want to playback, thanks.
Finish times.
Biff's track. Mount Rushmore wannabe.
Ubi Soft logo.
Achieved a shitty place. Three credits left.
Practicing mode. Track select.
Game mode: micro - isometric.
Back to normal mode. Sumo's track. Last lap!
Surf's track (micro - isometric).
Frank's track (micro - flat).
Hodja's track. Me gusta.
Points table. +1 extra point because I got the fastest lap. There's also... Lapping bonus, Star bonus, Punch bonus, etc.
Raph's track. Helmut in action.
Surf's track (normal mode).
Helmut's track.
Yes, faster please.
Championship table.
Bronze cup champion: Suzulu.
Rumble. Show No Mercy.
A better view, I guess. Surf Rumbled!
Two players.